Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rocky Days are here again!

I really like Rocky.  He may be old and slow… but he is one cool dog.  He is tall, focused, and I really want to be his buddy.
I wonder what he is going to do next?

Rocky is the "King of the Household".   I just love watching him.  Did I tell you how cool he is?

He keeps his eye on me too.  Maybe he will be my Dogfather.  Sometimes I bark at him, but he is not much of a talker ….  a dog of few barks.  

Rocky is better than I am at climbing the steps into the house.   So far I can only make it up one of the three steps to get back inside the house.  I'm still in training, have short legs and only weigh 6 lbs now.   I am not at my climbing weight yet.  One day I will make it to the top.   

Here is a video of me & Rocky in the backyard.  Oops… for some reason I can't upload the video.   I'll have to ask Mom about what I can do to get it on my blog.  

   ---->  Insert video here <---
I like to jump at him and grab his jingley dog tags and floppy ears.  

Have a barking good day!


  1. I can see you from my front porch. Woff Woff your friend Dallas.

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