Monday, March 30, 2015

Wacky Holidays coming in April

It's dat time again to look ahead at all da fun things to celebrate in April, so I got on my yaptop and googled up da list.

April, 2015 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

1.  April Fools' Day

2.  International Children’s Book Day (I like it when Mom reads to me.)
2.  National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

3.  World Party Day
3.  Tweed Day

4.  Tell a Lie Day

5.  National Walk to Work Day

6.  International Pillow Fight Day (FUN!)

7.  National Beer Day
7.  National Caramel Popcorn Day
7.  No Housework Day

8.  Make up your own Holiday

9.  Free Cone Day
9.  Name Yourself Day
9.  Winston Churchill Day

10.  Golfer’s Day
10.  Siblings Day  (dis one is for my little sister Bea)
10.  National Farm Animals Day

11.  National Pet Day

12.  National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (Yummmmmm...)
12.  National Licorice Day

13.  Scrabble Day

14.  International Moment of Laughter Day

15.  Titanic Remembrance Day
15.  Income Tax Day

16.  National Stress Awareness Day
16.  National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

17.  National Cheeseball Day

18.  Pet Owner's Independence Day (huh????)
18.  National High Five Day

19.  National Garlic Day
19.  National Amaretto Day

20.  Husband Appreciation Day
20.  National Pot Smoking Day

21.  Keep Off the Grass Day (what's da point of dis one?)

22.  Earth Day
22.  National Jelly Bean Day

23.  National Picnic Day
23.  Lover's Day
23.  Talk Like Shakespeare Day (To be, or not to be)

24.  National Pigs in a Blanket Day

25.  World Penguin Day

26.  National Pretzel Day  (Arooooooooooo!)
26.  National Arbor Day
26. National Kids and Pets Day

27.  Tell a Story Day

28.  National Pet Parent’s Day
28.  Kiss Your Mate Day

29.  Viral Video Day
29.  Zipper Day (hehehe)

30.  National Honesty Day
30.  National Raisin Day
30.  Hairstyle Appreciation Day

 Feel free to grab any of these days for posties or for events/blog hops dat you might wanta host.   Have fun! 

For other fun events, check out our Blogville Calendar.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Makeover

No.... I did not get a makeover.   Mom made some new spring pillows for our front porch.

This little makeover has my seal of approval.
Yep.... it's "Ranger Approved".
Have a gggggggggreat weekend.


Pees.....  send POTPs for all dos affected by a tornados in Oklahoma and for the families of da plane crash in da French Alps.  Sigh.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Da Reunion

Big news..... I went over to Finn and Wally's for a playdate and they invited dar neighbors to join us.   Ya see.... one of dem just turned 3 and she has a Birfday on March 15th (just like me).

OMD.... she is chasing me and wants to smell my butt!
Mom, Mom, Mom...... she says dat she is my sister! 
We got da same parents and were both born in Raeford, NC.
Meet my little sister Bea.  
Isn't she pretty in her pick collar?
She looks just like me but is a bit smaller.
She also has a shorter beard
(her Mom has it trimmed so she doesn't look like a boy).
We had great fun, wiff Wally, Finn, and her adopted brother Tosh.   Tosh is also a scot but has blonde furs.

We all ran and chased each other all around da yard.   I must admit dat I am da fastest of crew and love being chased.

After all dat running, it was time for some TREATS !
Look at how polite I am.... waiting for my turn.
Hello Finn & Wally's Mom..... can me and my sister Bea a have some more treats?

Here we are posing for our family portrait.
Miss Bea was more interested in watching da other boys.
She thinks it's her job to keep dem all in-line.
Take 2 (dat's me on da left and my sis on da right)
Now I know what you're thinkin.   Isn't she a sweety?  
All I can say is, "don't be fooled by dat pretty face".   Miss Bea is one tough cookie and was determined to show us boys, "Who's da Boss of dis Terrier crew".

Every time I turned around, my sister was trying to push me down and pin me to da chair/floor.
Come to find out.... she dreams of being a WWE Diva (a professional wrestler).
She wants her wrestler name to be "Boomer Bea da Scot" and
she likes to practice whenever she gets da chance.
Yikes.... she's jumpin on my back again and tryin to "pin" me.
"Dis is da last time dat I'm going to tell you..... Get off me Bea!"
Enough was enough and we had some serious words about it.
Isn't sibbling bickering grand?   I loved every min of it.

Glad we got dat sorted.
Eventually it was time to say goodbye.  Sigh.

"Boomer Bea da Scot" and her family are moving to Virginia to pursue her dream career.
Look for her on Wrestle Mania TV.
Thank you Wally and Finn, for arranging dis reunion wiff my sister.

Love you Bea and good luck in Virginia.   
I will always be your #1 fan.   Stay tough little Sis!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Woof, Woof, Woof Wednesday

Today I got lots of news to WOOF about.

Woof #1: da Winner of da "Guys Day" Best Beard Contest
Da winner is
Sweet William and his "Too Much Product" Beard
da Prize

Thank Y'all for entering my little contest.   
All da beards were grrrrrreat! 

SWtS:  I'll get you prize out in da mail as soon as Mom makes another trip to da post lady.

Woof #2:  We have a really Big Birfday to celebrate.   
Today is Sarge's 9th Birfday!   or Maybe it's his 9th Gotcha day!   I a bit confused on which it is.   Maybe I had too much beer at the "Guys Day" bash.   Anyway,  Happy Day Sarge.  
Wow..... dat's a lot of candles!
(9 candles + 1 to grow by)
He may need our help at blowing dem out.
On da count of 3.
1-2-3 bloooooooooooow.

Woof #3:  It's a Small World
I am soooooooooo excited dat I can barely contain myself.
Today, I'm going on a really special playdate.    You'll never believe it.  

Y'all know my BFFs and playdate pals, Wally & Finn.   Well, dey have some new Scottie neighbors and one of dem has a Birfday da same as mine and is da exact same age as me.    OMD..... could she be my sister?    Her name is Bea and Finn & Wally have invited her to our playdate so I can meet her.   OMD..... could she really be my sister?

Stay tuned...... to be continued.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Guys Day - Best Beard Contest

Today, Frankie & Ernie are hosting a Guys Day and dar will be loads of fun stuff for us guyz to do. 

I'm am hosting a Best Beard contest and da Winner will win a real "guys" PRIZE! 

What's da PRIZE you ask?   
Well here it is.   It's a manly Silly Squeaker beer bottle.   

I don't know about you, but I sure love a good squeaker.

Dat said..... we have 18 AMAZING Beards for your Viewing and Voting pleasure. 
#1 - Angus' "Santa's Imposter" Beard
#2 - Arty's "Incognito Beard" 
#3 - Bailey's "Chin Curtain"
#4 - Benji's "Post eating of Santa's Beard"

#5 - Bertie's "Over Blow-dried" Beard

#6 - Bilbo's "Stach"
#7 - Dui's "Cobweb Beard"
#8 - Easy's "Butterfly Catcher" Beard
#9 - Ernie's "Bib Beard"
#10 - Frankie's "Beard Bib"
#11 - Jakey's "Fully Tanned Beard"
#12 - Murphy's "Hillbilly Beard"
#13 - Sarge's "Look Closely" Beard
#14 - Speedy's "Goatee & Stach"
#15 - Stanley's "Pancake Soul Patch"
#16 - Sweet William's "Too Much Product" Beard
#17 - Truman's "Thick & Long" Beard. 
(I wonder what's he's hiding in dar.)
#18 - Walter's "Snowy Beard"

Now it's time to VOTE !!!!!   
How to vote?  Enter da name of your favorite beard wearer in da comments.

Make sure dat you check out all of the other "Guys Day" events dat are going on.


Pees..... Da poll thingy didn't works so we have to do comments.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Going Green
I'm gettin my "Green On" today and running wiff da big boys!

How about you?    Go green.

Pees..... Make sure you pop on over to Mona & Prissy's  bloggie to see da Smilebox movie dey make of our Pawlice Academy.     It is grrrrrrrreat!    

Monday, March 16, 2015

The After Pawty

1st up..... da Barkday Scavenger Hunt

Here are da correct answers:
    1 - None
    2 - Roo chews, chicken nibbles, roo nibbles
    3 - 'I'm a Filthy Beast' Shampoo
    4 - Lefty
    5 - A green frog lolly/ frog candy
    6 - Bike trailer
    7 - Batman
    8 - Bingo
    9 - Finn & Wally
  10 - green beans
  11 - the beach
  12 - dillys - daffodils
  13 - my bent tail - my tail

Arrrrrrooooooo... we have three Winners

  • Sweet William da Scot
  • Reilly & Denny 
  • Bentley 
==> Please send me your snail mail addy and one of us (Dui/Stuart/Me) will be sending you your prize.

Honorable Mention goes to:

  • Fergus and Guinness
  • Scottie Noodle
  • Nordhuesn
  • Millie & Walter

Thank you ALL for playing and thank you Ruby for da tasty drinks and da Bad Dawg Band for playing at our pawty.

Next up - My Barkday Playdate

After a gourmet breakfast, Mom gave me 2 pressies.   A new blue dragon squeaky stuffie and a red Wubby toss toy.   Yippy, wiff so many of my stuffies in da Stuffie Hospital, I needed a new one.

Den, after lunch, my BFFs, Wally and Finn came over for a Barkday Playdate wiff me.   That was da BEST pressies ever.
Wally wiff my red wubby toss toy.


Mom even got out my tunnel for us to play in.
Did you find any cheerios in da tunnel?
Sometimes Mom tosses dem in dar.
We all had Barkday cookies and den da boy's Mom gave me a pressies from dem.   It was a new squeaky and some peanut butter cookies.
OMD.... It's a Duck Dynasty Duck squeaky!

Wally tried to snatch it but Aunty D stopped him.
She's da best.

Here's a movie of Wally & I playing chase wiff Duck Duck Dynasty.

I just love to be chased.   Mom or Aunty D usually chase me around, but Wally is much faster dan dey are so I really had to kick up my speed.

It was a grrrrreat Barkday. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Barkday Pawty

Arrrrrrrrrrrooooooooo !
Today is my Barkday.  
Crikey.... I am now 3 yrs old.

And...... guess what?   I got me a card from my girlfriend!
Looky... she drew me a picture.

Oh my.... it has a picture of me.

Thanks you Sweetie.

What makes dis Barkday even better, I get to celebrate with my 2 Barkday Buddies.   Yep.... Dui (1), Stuart (9) and I have da same Barkday and dis year we are combining forces to throw a "rip snorter" event.   Do you like my Aussie yabber?

So what's on today?
  • Stuart is hosting a Barkday Breakfast Feast
  • Dui is hosting an Aussie Style BBQ Pawty
  • Ruby is serving up some pawsome drinks from her famous Margarita Drink Truck (aka "da pawty truck"
  • Da Bad Dawg Agency Band will be rocking out da tunes
  • and I'm hosting a Dessert Bar
Now grab your Pawty Hat and let da pawting begin!

I have to tell you dat I've already been over to Stuart's and Dui's place and da BBQ tucker is OUTSTANDING!

NOW.... are you ready for a sugar fix?

We have loads of cupcakes especially designed by da Cake Boss for all of us.
Koala Bear cupcakes for Dui's furfriends.
Artist cupcakes for Stuart's furfriends.
And... Batman cupcakes for all of my furfriends.
And if dat's not enough sugar..... we have a pawsome Barkday Cake.

One layer for each of us Barkday Boys.
Isn't dis da best CAKE ever?   Dui is soooooo excited and can't wait to dig in.   He's been training for dis very moment ever since he was a puppy.
Dis Barkday thing is FUN and I get to tear up dis cake!
It's a piece of artwork.    It looks too pretty to eat.
Oh....  and I don't like hats so for my Barkday, I'm not wearing one.
Isn't "nine" great?!?!?!
Got Cake ?!?!  hehehe
I'm heading off for a drink from Ruby's Pawty truck and den I'm going to listen to da Bad Dawg Agency Band play.    I hear dat dey are all on a super sugar high and are playing some crazy good music.

Have Fun and Thank You for coming to our Barkday Pawty.


Pees..... we'll announced da correct Answers & Winners of da Scavenger Hunt tomorrow.

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