Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Howl-o-ween

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The Long Ranger will ride tonight and collect treats from all the good citizens in town.
Mom says I have to wait until it gets dark out.   That's when all the other tricker will be out.      Sigh….. I guess I should take my costume off while I wait.

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Arooooooooo…. the doorbell!    I wonder who is at the door.
WooHoo!  It's Jack.  

He is going to go trick-or-treating with me tonight.
I like Jack.   He is lots of fun and is always laughing.

He likes to tell jokes.   Here' are some you might like.

Q. How do you fix a broken Jack-o-Lantern?
A. With a Pumpkin Patch

Q. What is a pumpkin's favorite sport?
A. Squash.

Q.  What's the ration of a pumpkin's circumference to its diameter?
A. Pumpkin Pi (3.1428571428571428571428571428571)
(I don't understand this one.   It may be over my ears.)

Enough is enough.
Is it time to put on my costume yet?

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Arooooooooo.   Who's at the door now?

It's Anne!   She is going to go with me and Jack Trick-or-Treating.   She heard that I have a big white horse, named Silver and decided to hitch a ride.

This is going to be PAWSOME !!!

I gotta go now and put my costume back on.

I hope all my furfriends have fun tonight and get lots of yummy treats.

(Who was that masked puppy?)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time to Vote on my Halloween costume

Sandy Update:     OMG… my heart is breaking for all of those that are dealing with the devastation from Sandy (and it is not over).

Our prayers are with all of you and we'll be visiting the Red Cross donation site today.

Ranger's Mom
Now from Ranger:

I've tried on lots of costumes for Halloween and now it's time to vote on which one I should wear for trick-or-treating.

Here is a re-cap of my costume options:

 "Lobster Pup"

"Ghost - Boo"

"The Lone Ranger"

"Clifford the Big Red Pup"

"Sandy-Beard Pirate Pup"

"Chia Pup"

"Cotton Candy Pup"

To Vote => Look to the right hand column of my blog and you will see a poll I put up for voting.

Thanks for helping me decide what to wear for my 1st Trick-or-Treating.
Wags, Ranger

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween - "Candy Corn Pup"

Arrrrrrrrooooooo.   Candy !!!!

Ah Oh!  
She just caught me with my paws in the Candy bowl.
Aaaaaaaaa…. I was….... just looking,   Mom.
Let's see… now what did I learn from my furfriend Jazzi in her "Creative Table Snatching 101" class?   I'll have to go look at my notes.

Chow for now…. gotta snatch some candy,
Ranger (the Candy Corn Pup)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween - "Chia-pup"

We got a lot of rain yesterday.   I ran in and out of the house to do my business.   Mom said I was licitly split.    You would be too… if you had to go outside in all that wind and rain.   Today it is still raining and very very windy.   Go away Sandy.

Here is my next halloween costume option.

How do I look in my new Chia coat?

My new Chia coat loves the water.  It gets bigger and bigger the more wet it gets.   Look at the flower over there.   It has a light on it and I really love chasing lights!  I think I'll go pounce on it.

Now what to do?

I do like pouncing on all the leave that are blowing off the trees.  They are pretty easy to catch.
No tree rats to chase today.  I think the tree rats are still hiding and so are the butterflies.   I did see a bunny in my yard, but when he saw me… he raced out of my yard.  I'm fast… but he is REALLY fast.  He likes to hide out under one of the shrubs so now I check out that shrub every time I go outside.
I hope to see him again and maybe he'll stick around and play with me.

    Ranger (the Chia-pup)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween - "O-hoy Furfriends"

I am watching the TV this morning with Mom and the weather guy is very excited.   He says that Hurricane Sandy is riding off our coast right now.   We are getting lots of rain and should get wind tonight/tomorrow.    That will be when the chance is high for falling trees (as the ground will be saturated) and down'd power lines.

I decided that today I should be a pirate.  If the water gets too high, I will commandeer a ship and pilot Mom and Aunty D to safety.    I guess a sailboat would work as we should get plenty of wind to power it.

           Arrrgh… I'm "Sandy-beard Ranger" the pirate.
Don't I look fierce?  
"Grrrrrrrrrrr.   Give me your ship or my bird will poop on your head !!!"
That should work…. don't you think?


I hope all my furfriends and their peeps, on the East Coast, are safe and dry. 

Chow for now,
Ranger (power on)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween - "Clifford"

Halloween costume Option-4.

I'm tired of being little, so today I am going to be Big.

Today, I am Clifford the BIG Red Dog
How do I look?
This little girl, Emily, sure talks a lot and is kinda bossy.
Doesn't she understand that I am a scottie and I'm the Boss here!
What was that?   You want to go for a ride on me?   Really?  (For some reason, she thinks I'm her own personal chauffeur.   I'm going to have to set her straight).  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr……..  I'm not a horse.  I'm a Big Red Dog!   Take the bus.

I can't believe I'm going to say this… but…  Mom… can I have a bath NOW?

Aweeeeeeeeee.   Much better.
Maybe after I have a bath…
Emily will go away and find another red dog to boss around.

Woohoo…. it worked!

I don't think I'll be trick-or-treating in this costume.   I wouldn't want to run into anymore little bossy blonde girls.

Ranger (clean and short works for me)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween - "Gitty Up Cowpoke!"

Here is my third halloween costume option.

Here are some clues…

  • I am a TV star
  • My show's opening and closing music is the "William Tell Overture"
  • My arch enemy is named Butch Cavendish
  • I have a great big white horse
  • My best buddy's horse is named Scout
  • I have a shinny gun that only shoots silver bullets
Need more clues?   Maybe this picture will help ya.

Woooooh Silver… stop moving.

Yeah Tonto… how do I get up on this horse and      
why do you keep calling me Kemo Sabe?

Ranger ("Who was that Masked Puppy")

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Countdown to Halloween

I can't wait for Halloween and I can't decide what to wear.   So... I thought I'd try on a few options to get your input.   On Oct 30th, y'all can vote on which costume I should wear to go trick-or-treating.

Ok…. here is my first costume option:  "Lobster Pup" 

Do I look like my new toy from Cape Cod?
Is this a trick?
Who is this guy?   Where is he taking me?

Hummmmmmmmmmmmm…. maybe I should re-think this one.   
Can I get out of this pot now?

That's better.

Ranger (you won't catch me in a roll)

Monday, October 22, 2012

ARRRROOOOOO! I've been Spooked.

Yippy!  Yippy! Yippy!!!!   I've been spooked by Molly & Alfie.   They are the bestest furfriends ever!  Even with her Mum having computer problems… they still "Spooked" me today.   Stop by their blog when you have a chance.   They are really cool and have loads of fun over there...  across the pond.

Don't I look scary?  
I can't wait for the tree rats to see me now.   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrowl.
I really love holidays and this will be my 1st'd Halloween.   Already it is fun and it's not even here yet.   We are all counting down to Halloween.   I wonder what I shall be for Halloween…. something cute OR something scary.  Youz guy may have to help me decide what to be.   I hope you are not tooooo scared and come back tomorrow.  

Ranger (ooooooooo….  I'm shak'n tail scary look'n now)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm back from Doggie Day Camp

Youz guys were right!   Mom went to Cape Cod and I went to Doggie Day Camp for the week.

When Mom checked on me mid-week, they told her that "Ranger is doing wonderfully!  He has lots of friends and is eating and playing perfectly."   Did you catch that?   "Perfectly".  I am just sooooooo good.

I had a great time and made lots of new furfriends.   I also have a new girl furfriend.   She is a cute 5 month old Westie puppy and she has beautiful white fur.  I just may be in Luvvvvv.   We had loads of fun playing together.   I am now 7 months old, so I was able to teach her lots of new things.   I tried to teach her "Down" (you know I'm really good at that) but she isn't too good at it and needs lots of practice.  Mom says that maybe she just pretended not to know how to do "Down" so that I would give her lots of help and attention.   Go figure.  I guess I still have lots to learn about girl furfriends.    
I'm not going to tell you her name as I don't want any competition.   I already lost one sweety to Bites.

Mom said that she saw a little beach cottage (on Cape Cod) that she thinks my old girl furfriend "Susie" might stay in during the summer.   It is right on the bay and had great beach views.
I love the beach!  Maybe Bites wouldn't mind if I came to vacation with them sometime.  I don't take up much room and it looks like we could all fit (no problem).   Now that I have a new girl furfriend, we can all be BPPs.

Arooooooooooo.    Look what Mom brought, from Cape Cod,  for me. 
She says it's called a "Lobster".
I might just have to pounce on this lobster thing.

Cool.  It is yellow on the other side.

Well, I'm kinda running out of steam now.
Doggie Day Camp is fun… but a bit tiring.  
Ya see, I played soooooo much that I didn't manage to get all my naps in.

                                                Maybe I can keep my eyes open a little longer.

          Ranger (one perfectly sleepy pup)

Monday, October 15, 2012

"Blue" is Back

Hummmmmm.   Where have you been hiding "Blue"?
The last time I saw this bag was June. 
Look at how much I've grown since then.
June - packing my toy.

Today - packing "Nessy (for Loch Ness)"

June - sitting in  "Blue".

Today - stepp'n into "Blue". 
Yeah Mom, maybe we should get a bigger bag.

I really like "Blue" but I have a lot more toys now that I did in June and I don't want Nessy to be squashed.

So... where are we going this time?  Will I make new furfriends?

Chow.  I have to do some more packing.
Ranger (have bag, will travel)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My New Green Friend

All is forgiven after my Bad Day.  

Thanks to all my furfriends, I used some of your tips and look what I got.       


A New Toy !!
All that lov'n mom, lick'n her toes, and just look'n real cute…  really works!   I see I can learn a lot for y'all.

I'm not really sure what my new green friend is, but its head pulls out which makes it really good for play tug-a-war.   If you pull its tail… his head shrinks back into his neck.

He also has squeakers in each of his paws.   Don't you just love squeakers?

I just love my new Toy.
I wonder what I should call him/she.   Any ideas?

Chow for now.   I have to go and be good.
Ranger (a pounc'n fool)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Celebrating Canadian Bacon & Columbus

Aroooooooooooo.   I have two things to celebrate today!  Yippy.

1st..  I'm sending a Bark-Out to all my Canadian two-legged friends and furfriends.
Is that a bird, a plane or a moose up there?   Moose can fly in Canada, Eh?

Is my hat on straight?  Have you noticed that I really like hats?   Mom says I have a good hat face.  I'm not really sure what that means but maybe if I look the part, some nice Canuck will give me bacon a drumstick.

2nd ….  Ciao to all my Shopping furfriends.
Arggggggg…. my tummy is a bit queasy.
Maybe I partied a bit too much   -or -  all this ship rocking-about is getting too me.
Can you get sea sick from just watching a ship rock-about?
Chow for now.   Mom has to go shopping now.   Maybe she'll bring me back a new toy.

    Ranger (the pup who loves to celebrate)

Friday, October 5, 2012

I Love to Exercise

I love to exercise and it makes me happy.   After I patrol the yard to make sure all the birds and squirrels are gone, I usually play ball with Mom or Aunty D for awhile.    They think it is good for me to burn off some energy, but in reality, I'm trying to help them get some more exercise.    When they throw the ball… I do not always run after it, so they have to go fetch it and throw it again.   I love to make them fetch!

I also like to play fetch with my soft pink and green frisbee but I do not always give it back.
This is me fetching my frisbee.

I must admit that I am kinda possessive of it.   I occasional get distracted by a noise,   but I always make sure I keep one paw on my frisbee.  I don't want Mom to sneak it away from me while I am looking the other direction.   She can be very sneaky.

Mine !!

After I play ball or frisbee for awhile, I do my zoomies.  I run flat out (my high aerobic exercise).  I don't know about you… but I really like the figure 8's.    Sometime large circle patterns are good too… but 8's are my favorite.

This is me doing the figure 8.

Phewwwwwwww.  That's enough for now.   My heart is racing!

Time to nap.
Ranger (the figure-8 racer)

PeeS:  I also love to go on neighborhood walks but I view that as my social outing cuz I get to visit with lots of my neighbor furfriends.  Ball, Frisbee, and Zoomies are a key part of my core training routine.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's National Taco Day

Hola !!

Today is National Taco Day and one of my BPPs (Jazzi) is throwing a fiesta to celebrate.

Are these all for me or do I have to share with Jazzi ?
I really like this Taco thing.   They are simply Delicioso!! 

Do you like my hat?   It was kinda hard to keep it straight on my head.   My ears kept getting in the way.   hehehe

To see all the images of us eating Tacos, just check out Jazzi's blog.

Chow for now.
El Ranger (el cachorro with tacos)
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