Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wacky Holidays coming in September

Get your calendars/planner out!

Looking for somethin to do  -or-  a blogville event to Host in Sept?  If you see one dat you like… just grab dat idea and run with it.

Well, I got on my yaptop and searched out all the wacky holidays in Sept.   I gotta warn ya… there are some strange ones on the list dis month.

Here's the list - September, 2013 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

1 Emma M. Nutt Day, the first woman telephone operator

2 Labor Day First Monday of month
2 National Beheading Day

3 Skyscraper Day (too high for me)

4 Newspaper Carrier Day

5 Be Late for Something Day
5 Cheese Pizza Day (yippy !!!!!   CHEESE)

6 Read a Book Day
6 Hugs and Kisses Day  (Benny is hosting an event for this day)

7 Blogville Date 'Day to Night' (hosted by Sarge)

8 Grandparent's Day
8 International Literacy Day
8 Pardon Day

9 Teddy Bear Day

10 Swap Ideas Day (oooh… dis could be interesting)

11 911 Remembrance
11 Make Your Bed Day
11 No News is Good News Day

12 Chocolate Milk Shake Day
12 National Video Games Day

13 Blame Someone Else Day (somedoggy?)
13 Defy Superstition Day (maybe we should all walk under a ladder)
13 Fortune Cookie Day   (dis could be fun… we could all write fortune cookies.. hehe)
13 National Peanut Day
13 Positive Thinking Day

14 National Cream-Filled Donut Day

15 Make a Hat Day

16 Mayflower Day
16 Mexican Independence Day  (did someone say something about Tacos?)
16 National Play Doh Day

17 National Apple Dumpling Day
17 Citizenship Day

18 National Cheeseburger Day  (yummmmmm)

19 International Talk Like A Pirate Day  (argggg)
19  National Butterscotch Pudding Day

20 National Punch Day

21 International Peace Day
21 International Rabbit Day
21 Miniature Golf Day
21 Oktoberfest, begins   (yo… hand me a beer!)
21 World Gratitude Day

22 Elephant Appreciation Day

23 Checkers Day
23 Dog in Politics Day

24 National Cherries Jubilee Day

25 National Comic Book Day

26 Johnny Appleseed Day

27 Crush a Can Day

28 Ask a Stupid Question Day  (I could be good at this one)
28 National Good Neighbor Day

29 Confucius Day - Try your luck. Get a Fortune Cookie.

30 National Mud Pack Day

Happy Days Ahead in SEPTMEBER!


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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Word Wednesdays - 'Winners'

Padsworth, over at  the Lilypad announced the Pets on Quilts winners yesterday.

Best Doggie on a Quilt
My buddy Sweet William the Scot
Best Art Quilt
My Quilt

Yip, Yip, Yippy!!!!!    I won the Art Quilt category!    I am so excited.  Scottie's rock!

Congrats to all the other winners.
Thank You Fans for all my votes.  I couldn't have won without you guys.
And….. Thank You to Padsworth for hosting this wonderful event.

See all the ==> Viewers Choice Winners

                                    Ranger (jump'n with joy)

Pees.    I Still need your Vote so I can be a pin-up pup on a doggie calendar to raise money for Benny.  Head on over to and vote for me (Ranger - the Adventures of a Ranger). Voting is at the bottom of their blog post. Here's the photo we entered.
Woohoo….. you can vote once a day all this week!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Scottie Radar

My Mom has Scottie radar.    Yep… your heard it here first.
If there is a scottie 'anything' in a store… she will find it.   Even if she isn't look'n for it.   It's her only magical power.   She can just "sense it".  Whatever dat means.
Pretty disturbing… huh?

Well… it happened again.   This past weekend when she was out shopping with Aunty D, her scottie radar kicked in and she found something.
What did you find dis time, Mom?
Cool… it's a metal sign dat we can hang on my wall. 

Sweeeeeeeeet!     But… ya know… there is something very familiar about dis sign.   Do you see what I mean?
Hummmmmm….. I think I know these two.
That scottie can't be me cuz it looks older (I mean.. more mature) dan me.
Not Me.

Who is dat Scottie?

Kyla posing nakkid?
Dougall (no… he's too young, like me).
Maybe it's Susie.
Or.. Sidebites.

And dat other one…. I could swear, dat I've seen him/her before.   Is it Puddles?   Roxy?  Frankie?   Ernie?   I just don't know.   I think it may be a girl.

Who are you guys?
It's a big mystery.    Do they look familiar to you too?   

Before I have Mom hang it on my wall…. I really wanta know who dey are.   If dis is you on my new sign… please step forward.   If you know who they are… please share.

Maybe I need to call in the Blogville FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation).


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Monday, August 26, 2013

Rugged Good Looks

Yesterday we went to the beach.  I love it when Mom takes me there.   I like to roll in the sand, play in the puddles and I like to walk on the beach.   Ya see, I get to meet lots of pups (and their peeps) when we go for walkies.

She's is visiting my beach from Fayetteville, NC

S-T-E-L-L-A !!!!!

What can I say…. all the beach babes have to hots for me.

It must be all that sand in my fur.   It gives me dat rugged macho look. 

Yep… that must be it.
I hope you had a super fun weekend.   Happy Monday!


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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Silent Sunday


Pees.    I NEED your vote so I can be on the dog calendar to raise money for Benny. Head on over to and vote for me (Ranger - the Adventures of a Ranger). Voting is at the bottom of the blog post. Here is the photo we entered.
So far I'm losing,  so I really need your vote.

Woohoo….. you can vote once a day all this week.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Flashback Friday - Back to School

All the kids go back to school on Monday.    Sigh…. I like to watch them ride bikes and skateboard around the hood.    Today, I thought dat I'd share one of my off-to-school pics.

Dis was Me, on my front porch, waiting to go to my 1st class at puppy school.
Like my treat bag?  
Mom got it for me at the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau, Alaska

I was 5 months old and the youngest puppy in the class.   I learned to socialize, walk on a lease, and some other action words (Sit, Down, Come (which I only do when I wanta), and Wait).   I really liked school cuz I gots lots of TREATS!

I 'Like' Off the Leash Daily Cartons on Facebook.
They always make Mom laugh and I love to hear her laugh.

                    baby Ranger

Thursday, August 22, 2013


OMD…. I just read on Stuart's bloggie about two furpups that desperately need to find a forever home.

Hello, my name is 'CSI Miami'.
Please adopt me too.
Hi… my name is 'CSI NY'.
All I want is a forever home.

Now, pop on over to Stuart's bloggie and read all about them.   They are in Richmond, Virginia.
How can you resist those eyes?


Pees…. tomorrow is Flashback Friday.   I love Flashback Friday cuz I get to see all your baby photos.
See ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Word Wednesday - "Squash"


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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Honorable Ranger

I got me a Title today.
Meet the Honorable Ranger Lancelot Harned
How did I get it you ask?    Well, Oz the Terrier and Ku from Haiku by Ku gave it to me for writing a Bad Poem.    Oh… wait a minute… I didn't get it for writing a really Bad Poem.   Hummmm.   What's dat?   Ohhhh…. I got it for giving Ku & Oz the idea to host a Bad Poetry Contest.  Cool… even better.   I gots me a Title for being an "Ideas Pup".   That's me…. a smarty pooch.  
Dis is my official Honorable Title Award
Thank you Oz & Ku.   I am really "honored" and had such a good time reading everyone's attempt at "Bad to the Bone Poetry".   It was a really fun and funny event.   Congrats to all the other winners.

                                The Honorable Ranger

Monday, August 19, 2013

Blogville Dog Calendar Photo Contest & Voting Open for Pets on Quilts


Arrrrrrrrrrooooo…   I gots 2 really BIG News Items for you today.

Top of the News # 1

The Daily Dog Blog and Heart Like a Dog  is having a Blogville Dog Calendar Photo Contest.

 I heard all about it on Frankie & Ernie's blog and on Sarge's Blogville Community Calendar of events and fun stuff.

AND…. this year, their fundraising efforts will be for our buddy Benny the Frenchie.   Isn't that so pawsome !!!

Dis is my entry.
It's Mom's favorite photo of me.

Entries MUST be received by ends Tuesday, August 20th at midnight so you need to get on it NOW!!!!   Pop on over to their bloggie to see all the rules and sizing requirements.   Let's help make this a BIG SUCCESS cuz it's for Benny.

Top of the News # 2

Voting is now Open in da Pets On Quilts competition over at Lily Pad Quilting.  
Momma needs some new quilting supplies so she can make more doggie quilts. 

Support your blogville buddies. There are three of us entered in different categories.   To vote, ya gotta leave a comment on the Pets on Quilts bloggie and in the comments you put the Category and who ya wanta vote for (their quilt entry #).

  • Sweet William's Mom, Lee, did this full size quilt by hand stitching and it took years in the making.  Sweet William the Scot is posing on it.  
    Dogs on Quilts category #55
  • Dachsies With Moxie has entered holiday stockings with cats on them that WHN made.  They are in the Cats on Quilts category.
    Cats on Quilts category #5
  • The Adventures of Ranger (dats ME) is in the Art Quilt category.  
      Art Quilt category  #19

Now…. I'm gonna make dis real easy on you.  If you wanta vote for all of us… put this in your comment (on the Pets On Quilts) bloggie  ==>   Dogs on Quilts #55;  Cats on Quilts #5;  Art Quilt  #19 

Thanks for your vote.    Have a grrrrrrrrreat day.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bad Poetry Day

Today is Bad Poetry Day and my buddies Oz and Ku (great poets in their own right) are holding a contest for the Badest poem.

There are prizes and everything!!!!

Dis is my poem.
Dat's What Scotties Do

How are you today Squirrel,
i race to the trees to search you out,
your tail makes me barkin crazy,
you are truly a pest,
i love to chase you Squirrel
Cos I'm a Scottie; and dat's what we do

How are you today Kong,
i chomp on your rubbery body,
your red skin makes me slobber,
you are a wobbly mess,
i love to play fetch with you and Aunty
Cos I'm a Scottie; and dat's what we do

How are you today Mollie,
i carry your bra around in my mouth,
your blonde fur makes my heart flutter,
you are truly a flirt,
i love to wear your frilly knickers on my head
Cos I'm a Scottie; and dat's what we do

Now make sure you 'LIKE' my Bad Poem.  I need lots of 'likes' cuz I'm playin catch-up since I entered on the very last day.   Have fun hopping to all the "no-talents poets" out there in blogville and reading their Bad Poems.    They are all really Bad and Funny.


National Thrift Store day

National Thrift Shopping Day

Today, Jazzi, is hosting an event to celebrate National Thrift Shopping Day.   Mom has to run down to the Thrift Store, 2nd hand store or even a garage sale and buy ME something really snazzy.    Isn't dis a great?!   Mom has to buy me a pressie.   Jazzi is sooooooooo smart to come up with dis one.

Look what Mom bought for me.

A mini-Me with wheels?
He doesn't look a thing like me?
I think his tail is broken.
Crummy toy.
Next time I'm gonna insist that I to go wiff her.  I think SHE really bought this crummy toy for herself and not for me.   After we did the photo opt thingy, SHE put it up on a shelf.    Go figure-ine.

      Yo Mom….. can I have a treat now?   I think I deserve it.


Pees.   Make sure you pop over to Sammy's today and VOTE FOR ME.   I just gotta get more votes dan Mollie.

Peeees.    Make sure you stop by tomorrow to read my Bad Poem.   Oz and Ku are hosting a Bad Poetry contest  and I'm trying to win a fabulous prize for the "badest poem".   

You're gonna luvvvvvvvv my wee little bad poem.   I know…. I'm such a tease (Mollie gave me some pointers).

Friday, August 16, 2013

Tell a Joke Day & Flashback Fridays

Today is "Tell a Joke Day" so here I go….

Q:  How did the wee little scottie pup feel when he saw a monster on Mom's yaptop? 
A:  Terrier-fied!

                      Baby Ranger

Join my Tell a Joke and/or Flashback Fridays Blog Hop !!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Backside Modeling

I knew this postie title would get you over here.  hehehe

Last week, lots of you commented on da quilt dat Aunty D made and dat I was sitting on.   Well, dat was the back of the quilt.

Yep….  you heard it here first… I am a backside quilt model.
Dis is backside quilt modeling at it finest.

So, you are probably wondering what da front looks like?   Well here it is.
Dis is the front side of the baby quilt.
Ok, I get it….  she didn't want my cuteness to outshine the baby giraffe.

Some of you also asked if it was my quilt.  It is not a quilt for me but dat's ok.  It's for a baby boy peep.  I already have my own scottie quilt/blankie dat Mom made for me.  Correction…. I gots me multiple scottie quilts.   Some are for everyday and some are holiday Scottie blankies/quilts.   If you wanta see more of Mom's or Aunty D's quilts, you should check out their quilting blog ==>


Pees.  Tomorrow is Tell a Joke day and Flashback Fridays.  So much fun on one BIG day.   Stop by tomorrow and join me for one or the other or both.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Word Wednesdays - "Sock"



Pees.   There is sooooooooo much going on this week.   I can barely control my excitement.    Make sure you mark your calendar for these pawsome events.   We're gonna have sooooooooo much fun!

Aug 16 -  Tell a Joke day and Flashback Fridays,  hosted by Ranger… oh dat's me
Aug 16-18th   Bad Poetry contest, hosted by Oz and Ku
Aug 17 - National Thrift Shopping Day, hosted by Jazzi
Aug 18 - Voting starts for Pets on Quilt contest, hosted by Lily Pad Quilting

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Handle with Care

YIPPY!   I got me another package.   The post lady must really like me.
Mom says dat I get more packages dan she does.   Sound about right to me.
Wow… It is from Bree (Reilly and Denny's Mom)

Arrrrrrrrrooooooo……. it's my portrait!     
Isn't it amazing?   Bree is sooooooooo talented.
It looks just like me.

If you want to get your portrait painted, you should check our her website    The money raised goes to Paws For A Cause.

Now I'm immortalized furever.  
Yo Mom,  were are we gonna hang my portrait?   It's gotta be someplace special.

Thank you Bree, Reilly & Denny.   I just love it!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Pets on Quilts Contest

OMD.   Lily Pad Quilting is hosting a Pets on Quilts contest.   You can enter too…. just blog a photo of you on a quilt.   The more the merrier.  There is a category for Dogs on Quilts and for Cats on Quilts.   There are prizes too!

Susie… you can even pose on the quilt you won in the Oklahoma Auction and maybe win a prize.

The virtual pet quilt show will be open for new entries from  August 11 until Saturday (August 17) and then they will start the voting on Sunday (August 18).  Voting will continue through the next Saturday, August 24.

I really wanta win this one for Mom so I helped.   How did I help?  Well it was all my idea and I'm the inspiration for the quilt (of course).  I also helped advise her on the use of blishment.   I really like fun fur.
Yo Mom…. maybe we need to put some more garland on the tree.
Wanta use some of dis fun fur?

All finished.   Drumroll…..   here's my entry in the "Pet-themed quilt" category.    Or maybe I should enter it in the "Art Quilt" category.   What do you think?

"Scots Trimming the Tree"

Close-up 1
Close-up 2

Dis is me and my two friends trimming the tree.   I bet you already figured dat out.  But.. can you guess which one is me?   Hint…. I'm the cute one.

Be sure to hop on over to the Pets on Quilts show post and visit all the links to see da quilts.  Then be sure to Vote (for mine).  Hehehe.   The voting will start on Sunday (August 18).  Voting will continue through the next Saturday, August 24.   Don't worry.. I'll be sure to remind you.


Pees.   Mom and Aunty D have their own quilting blog.   Check it out at QuiltingSistersUnravelled

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