Monday, August 30, 2021

Monday Morning Walkies

We are currently staying in an apartment until we can move into our new house.   I can't wait to see my new house.   
Anyways, dis morning, Aunty D joined Mom and me on our walk around da apartment complex.   We were all having a great walk when suddenly Aunty D walked into a building (da "clubhouse").

What?   Where did Aunty D go wiff-out me?

Is she coming back?

I'm just going to sit here and wait for her!

Mom says that she just went to the gym to walk on the treadmill.   
Hummm... she could have just continued to walk wiff me if that's all she wanted to do.   Sometime I really don't get humans.    Den again, I do stop a lot to checkout all the pee-mail.

So, Mom and I continued on our walkies and Aunty D arrived home a bit later.

Have a grrrrrrrreat week and enjoy da walk.

Pees.... sending Paw Prayers to all those pups and families that are affected by Hurricane Ida.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Happy International Dog Day !

Hello?   Did someone open a bag of crackers ?

Mom thought dat I was napping, butt my radar ears don't miss a thing.


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Monday, March 15, 2021

Today is my Birthday !!!!

Arrrrrrrroooooooo !!!!!!

I am 63 today!
Dats only 9 in human years.  

What's dat all about?  
63 vs 9 
Dos humans are always trying to look and be younger.   
What's a little grey?   
Mom thinks dat I look distinguished.  Cool.

I get CHICKEN with my kibble tonight.   Yippy.... I can't wait.   
Maybe I'll get a new stuffie too.   I'm going to keep a lookout for a Chewy box.   I did get a Birthday card from them so dare might be a pressie coming too.

Since it is my Birthday, I thought I'd share a baby Ranger pic wiff you. 

Yep.... no grey furs back den.

Have a Grrrrrrrreat Day.

                             Ranger (da Birthday boy)

Peees.... Happy Birthday to Angel Stuart and my down under buddy Dui.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Dr. Seuss Day !!!!!!

It's finally here
it's time to play
Post your post
for Dr Seuss Day!

Today there is a very special BLOG HOP at Comedy Plus .
All bloggers are welcome, it's Read Across America Day honoring the wit and wisdom and writings of Dr. Seuss ~ so add your posting for all to see, join the fun!

Now… curious minds wanta know:  
* Who is your favorite character and why? 
* What is your favorite Dr. Seuss booky?

Lorax is my favorite.  All good scotties appreciate a good stash!  

I have learned soooooooo much from reading Dr. Seuss and sometimes I think dat da grown-up humans should re-read his books and re-learn some life lessons.  

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”  (quote from Da Lorax.)

Let's start caring for others instead of tearing each other down.   Just sayin.

Now Join dat Dr. Seuss Blog Hop (see da linky below).


Pees..... Thanks to my Co-Host Timmy of Timmy Tomcat and Emmy of 15andMeowing.   Also biggy thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting da Blog Hop and a BIG BARKOUT to Ann at Zoolatry for organizing dis event.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Wacky Holiday's - March

Puppy Ranger here.
Early dis morning, I got on my Yaptop and searched for all da Special and Wacky Holidays dat are coming up in March.   
Dar are sooooooo many pawsome days to celebrate in March.   I can't wait.

March, 2021 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

1- Peanut Butter Lovers' Day (I do love peanut butter, wiff/wiffout a pill)

2 - Dr. Seuss' Birthday Blog Hop

3 - I Want You to be Happy Day

4 - Hug a GI Day

5 - Multiple Personality Day

6 - National Frozen Food Day

7 - National Cereal Day

8 - Be Nasty Day

9 - Panic Day

10 - Middle Name Pride Day

11 - Johnny Appleseed Day (I do love apples!!!)

12 - Girl Scouts Day (COOKIES ??????)

13 - Smart & Sexy Day

14 - National Potato Chip Day

15 - ARRRROOOOOO !!!   It's my BIRTHDAY ! (on da Ides of March)

16 - Tea for Two Tuesday (Tea Party anyone?)

17 - Saint Patrick's Day (Green Beer?   I'm sooooo IN)

18 - Awkward Moments Day

19 - Poultry Day

20 - Extraterrestrial Abductions Day (stay close to your Peep today)
20 - International Day of Happiness
20 - International Earth Day
20 - International Sports Car Racing Day (YES !!!)
20 - National Quilting Day (Mom and Aunty D will like dis one)

21 - World Poetry Day

22 - National Goof Off Day

23 - National Puppy Day (PUPPIES !!!!)

24 - National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

25 - Waffle Day

26 - Live Long and Prosper Day
26 - Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

27 - National "Joe" Day (I don't even know what dat means.)

28 - Something on a Stick Day

29 - Smoke and Mirrors Day

30 - Take a Walk in the Park Day (wow..... another great day!)

31 -National Crayon Day

Feel free to grab any of these days for posties or for events/blog hops dat you might wanta host.   

Have fun!

Friday, February 26, 2021

A Walk Wiff a Friend

I'm so excited.   Dar is only a couple of more days until da big day, Dr. Seuss' Birthday Blog Hop (March 2nd).   

I'm calling on all Dogs (& Parrots) to show our love of everything Seuss!    My co-host are rounding up all da Cats in Blogville.    Let's all Bark Out (& tweet out) on March 2nd.


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Wacky Holiday - International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Arrrrrooooooooo !!!!!   It's Dog Biscuit Day!  

Da bigger, da better.   Just sayin.


Pees..... Don't Forget to Bookmark the day March 2nd.    Join your furfriends for A special Dr Seuss Blog Hop!  

Dar is still time Pups, to get Seuss-a-fied.  If you need some assistance puttin on a Seussy look, just send me (scottierangerATgmailDOTcom) your pic (.jpg) and I'll help out and den return your Seuss'd-up pic back to you, before da big day.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Love Your Pet Day

You may not know dis, butt Mom likes to shop and she loves to see packages arrive.   We get lots of boxes, butt I know dat when da blue Chewy Box shows up, dat it's a pressie for me.

OMD..... CHEWY !!!!!!

What did she get for me?

I don't smell any treats.

What is it ???

OMD, it's a New Bed, wiff Memory Foam !!!

I made Mom bribe me (wiff my favorite treats) to get into my new bed.  
I know how to work it !   hehehe

Yep, Mom lovessssss me a whole lotta memory foam.

Now I have 4 beds (some are oldies but goodies).   One in da sunroom, one in da sewing room(dat I rarely use), one in Mom's bedroom and my new Memory Foam bed in da lounging/living room.  
I'm still not sure dat I really like dis memory foam bed, yet.   Have you ever had a memory foam bed?   Did you like it?   Da jury is still out, but while it's under review, I'm sure I'll get a lot of more treats in my trial period.   BOL.

I know what you are thinkin, and your right.   I am spoiled and proud of it.


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day

CAKE is always better dan flowers.


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

National Pizza Day

OMD.... according to my Wacky Holiday calendar, today is National Pizza Day!

What's your favorite pizza?

I like pup-eroni pizza wiff a crispy crust.
Da crust is da BEST and one can never go wrong wiff lots of moz cheese.

We need more pizza days.   Just sayin.

Yuuuuuuuummmmm.   Now I'm hungry.

"Alexa... order me a pizza".


Pees.... I had to start moderating my bloggie comments but I will make sure all my furfriends comments are approved. 
I was getting some scammy comments.   Grrrrrrrrr.  

Monday, February 8, 2021

A Biggy Announcement


I have been selected to Co-Host dis years Dr. Seuss Day on March 2nd. 

Thank you JUNE and Ann, from Zoolatry for selecting me.

My co-host are Timmy Tomcat from Tomcat Commentary by Tim AND Emmy from 15 and Meowing. 

Dey will be purrrrrrrfect Co-Host.  
I'm gonna focus on gettin da woofies (and birds) out and pawticipating in this big day.

Mark your Calendar for March 2nd and let's all celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday wiff some pawsome weidness!

Put on your Seuss think'n hat and let's make March 2nd dis year da Biggest and Best celebration dat Blogville has ever seen.  We wanta see poems, jokes, balloons, cakes, tons of hats and whatever else you think of.   I can't wait to see your crazy  wierd creativity.


Pees..... Attention ALL Pups, if you need some assistance puttin on a Seussy look, just send me (scottierangerATgmailDOTcom) your pic (.jpg) and I'll help out and den return your Seuss'd-up pic back to you, before da big day.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Sunday Selfie

Today, I'm joining da "Cat on my Head" Blog Hop

Dis is my side profile shot.

Some serious sun worshiping.


Friday, February 5, 2021

Wacky Holiday - National Weatherman's Day

Dear Mr. Weatherman (Lee Ringer, meteorologist),

My Mom is a biggy fan of you (particularly when we have hurricanes).     

However, I have a complaint.   I am really tired of having wet paws.   Can you please go and get da sun to come back.   

All the humans are doing stupid things cuz they are low on vitamin D+.   

Bring back da SUN!


Thursday, February 4, 2021

Wacky Holiday - Thank a Mailman Day

A Blast from da Past

I'm waiting to surprise da Mailman.

Thank you Mailman.

My second favorite thing to do is going to "get da mail" wiff Mom.    
My #1 favorite thing to do (so glad you asked) is going for my neighborhood patrol/walk every morning.

                     Baby Ranger

Pees...  I alway pee on da post (metal tree) so dat da mailman know which mailbox is MINE. 


Monday, February 1, 2021

Wacky Holidays - February

Early dis morning, I got on my Yaptop and searched for all da Special and Wacky Holidays dat are coming up in February.

Drumroll please....

1 - No Politics Day

2 - Ground Hog Day

3 - Feed the Birds Day  

4 - Thank a Mailman Day

5 - National Weatherman's Day

6 - Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day 

7 - Send a Card to a Friend Day 

8 - Clean out Your Computer Day 

9 - National Pizza Day (Arrrrrrooo... finally one dat I can really get behind)

10 - Umbrella Day

11 - Make a Friend Day

12 - Chinese New Years (HEY!   I love dis day)

13 - Get a Different Name Day

14 - Valentine's Day (I know dat I didn't have to remind you of dis one)

15 - Susan B Anthony Day

16 - Mardi Gras  / Fat Tuesday

17 - Random Acts of Kindness Day (dis should be everyday)

18 - National Drink Wine Day

19 - National Chocolate Mint Day (Pass.  I don't eat chocolate)

20 - Love Your Pet Day

21 - Card Reading Day

22 - National Margarita Day (YES !)
22 - Walking the Dog Day (YES !!!!!!)

23 - International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (Mom better get on dat CHEWY order)

24 - World Bartender Day (CHEERS)

25 - Patent Day

26 - Tell a Fairy Tale Day (Finish dis:  Once upon a time.....)

27 - Polar Bear Day (brrrrrrrr)

28 - National Chili Day
28 - Public Sleeping Day (I can sleep anywhere)

Feel free to grab any of these days for posties or for events/blog hops dat you might wanta host.   

Have fun!

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Backward Day (LOB. Get it?)

ooooooooorrrrrrA!!!!!!    I tog a eineerg.    atnaW yalp "esahc em"? 


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

ʎɐp ɐılɐɹʇsn∀ ʎddɐH !!!


Dis postie is dedicated to my Aussie furfriends.

I love footy! 

I practice all da time wiff Mom.  

She gives me treats when I make goals and when she runs out of treats... da game is over.   (Hey, I don't play for free).

Today I'm wearing da Aussie colors. 
Let da footy begin!

I'm off. 
Catch me if ya can.

Faster dan a Tiger Beetle. 


After all dat sporting around, I'm starving.  Time to throw some shrimp on the barbie.

Hooroo for now and have a grrrrrrrreat day.

                                                               Ranger (gotta go now and 'grab a feed')

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

National Bird Day

How do I look?
TweeeeeeeeeT... today is National Bird Day and I'm celebrating all my Fine Feather Friends and Kismet.

And now for some bird giggles:

Q: What do you get when you cross a woodpecker wiff a carrier pigeon?
A: A Bird who knocks before he makes a delivery. 

Q: Why is politics for da Birds?
A: Because politicians parrot the same lies over and over again, hoping dey will become true. 

Q: Why did the little bird get in trouble at school? 
A: Because he was caught tweeting on a test.

Q: How do chickens stay fit? 
A: Dey egg-cersize.

Q: Where do birds invest their money? 
A: In the stork market.

Q: What snacks do Ducks like?
A: Wise-quackers.   BOL.... I just crack myself up!!!

I can't wait to celebrate another Wacky Holiday

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Festival of Sleep Day

I'm down wiff dat!

The Wacky Holidays said dat today is da Festival of Sleep Day.

I do love a good festival.


Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year - Wacky Holidays in January

I just did my monthly googly research on my yaptop and here are some wild and crazy things to celebrate in January.   Let's have some fun this year.   After 2020, we all deserve some FUN.

January 2021 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

Your camera click is too loud.

1 - National Hangover Day (Check)

2 - International Stop Spam Day (hummmm, I've never tried Spam)

3 - Festival of Sleep Day (I could get down wiff dis one.  BOL)

4 - National Spaghetti Day (I just need to find me a Lady to share my plate wiff)

5 - National Bird Day (dis one is for Kismet)

6 - Cuddle Up Day (I'm not much of a cuddler)

7 - Old Rock Day

8 - Bubble Bath Day (NOOOOOOOoooooo)

9 - Play King Day

10 - Houseplant Appreciation Day

11 - Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day (Fun)

12 - Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day (Dat's ME)

13 - National Rubber Duckie Day

14 - Dress Up Your Pet Day (grrrrrrrrr..)

15 - National Hat Day (I do look good in a hat)

16 - Appreciate a Dragon Day (I like purple dragons)

17 - Ditch New Years Resolutions Day (BOL..... Mom will love dis one)

18 - Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday 

19 - National Popcorn Day

20 - National Cheese Lover Day (Arrrrrrroooooo!)

21- Squirrel Appreciation Day (I appreciate tree'd squirrels)

22 - National Blonde Brownie Day

23 - National Pie Day (I LOVE PIE and PIE Squared)

24 - Beer Can Appreciation Day (Cheers)
24 - Global Belly Laugh Day

25 - Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
25 - Opposite Day

26 - Australia Day (Let's celebrate all of our Aussie furfriends)

27 - Punch the Clock Day

28 - National Kazoo Day

29 - National Puzzle Day
29 - National Cornchip Day

30 - National Inane Answering Message Day

31 - Backward Day (LOB.  Get it?)

Feel free to grab any of these days for posties or for events/blog hops dat you might wanta host.   Have fun!   We all love a special occasion bloghop.  


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