Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Internet Pirates have to be Stopped!


What?  Do you want something?

Yes it has be awhile since my secretary posted on my blog.   

I am still kickin and now 12 years olds.   
Yeah, I have that distinguished look, wiff all my grey/white furs around my eyes but I'm happy and livin da good life in Raleigh. 

Now... as a retired Police Chief of Blogville, I have to take up a serious matter wiff y'all.   
Internet pirates are stealing images of me (off my copyrighted blog) and posting them on "Social Media" (wiffout permission).   Grrrrrrrrrr.

Now I know dat I am very photogenic, but Mom gets really upset when she sees that da pirates have stolen photos of me off my blog.   
All my Content and Pics are copyrighted and I don't like it when my "treat giver" is upset.  Da pirates need to be stopped!   Who's wiff me?

Please be respectful and DO NOT steal my pics or content off my blog or any other Copyrighted site.  

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