Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chewy to da Rescue

Back from da Dogster.

Post surgery bandage.
She removed my bandage and checked my poor paw.

To Mom's surprise, I came back without any bandage on.  The Dogster said dat it looked good and she recommended dat we let it breath and not put on another bandage.

WooHoo!   Dat bandage was heavy.

My 3 blue stitches.   Sorry for da blur butt
I really wasn't into getting a stitch pic.

So here were da Dogster's instructions to Mom:

  1. Make sure to keep da paw clean until dey take out da 3 blue stitched.   Hehehehe!   Dat took Mom for a spin.   How to keep my paw clean.
  2. It's okay to use a little peroxide and a paper towel to wipe my paw clean.
  3. Make sure that I don't try to lick my stitches or remove dem myself.   If I bother da paw too much, she may have to give me da Cone-of-Shame.  I don't think so!
  4. Da biopsy results are not in.   Da Dogster will call when she gets dem.
  5. Stitches come out on 7/31.  

Sock covered paw.   Yeah... like dat is going to work.
When we got home, Mom gave dis all some thinkin', and here's what she did.

  • She put a sock on it!  One of her short running socks.   For some reason, she thought purple and orange would be good (so she could easily see if it was still on).
  • And she got on and ordered booties and bootie pads for me.   We do LOVE .  Not only do dey carry all my favorite foodables and treats, but dey also have booties for my paws.
She is still thinkin' on it.  Ya see, Mom seems she's a bit worried dat I'll rip my stitches out after I poop/pee and do my scottie-kick wiff my back paws (it's a scottie thang).
All will be good when my bootie from Chewy arrives.

Pees..... as soon as I jumped off da couch, her sock came off.   Hehehehe.   I guess SHE'll have to re-think dat and come up wiff another solution until my booties arrive.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Aroooooooooo !!!!   I got to eat breakfast and Auntie D gave me some apple too.
About time.    I was starv'n.   What was She think'n?

It's been raining here so Mom put a zip-lock bag on my bandaged foot to keep is dry while she took me outside to pees.   I looked pretty stupid wiff a baggie on my foot and was glad non of my neighborhood pup friend were out and about in da rain.

I have to keep my bandage dry.
Tomorrow I go back to da Dogster and she will change my dressing.   I have to wait another 13 days before I can get my stitches out.

Mom seems happy dat I'm walking on my bandaged paw and dat I'm starting to get back to my old self.    I'm still giving her da "pity puppy eyes" so dat I can get more treats today.


Pees....   We are hoping dat da biopsy results will be back tomorrow when we see da Dogster.

Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm back

Resting at home wiff my gator stuffy.

I survived!

Today I went in to have my paw-pad surgery.   The Dogster removed a small mass in my back paw-pad and sent if off for analysis.
Sneek peek at my bandaged paw.

I got me 3 stitches in my poor paw pad and have a big & heavy blue and white bandage on my paw.

I'm still a bit out of it (from da sleepy drugs dat dey gave me) and I haven't had anything to eat all day.  
The Dogster's notes says that I can't eat anything until tomorrow morning.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

What's dat?   Did someone just open the fridgator?
I heard dat.
Hello..... I'm feeling all better.  Can I have some dinner?
Drat.   She didn't by it. 

I guess I'll take another power nap. 

                              Hop-along Ranger

Pees.... We won't get da biopsy results for a few days.

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