Monday, October 5, 2015

Flash Flood Warnings

Here in coastal NC we are still getting tons of rain today.

Since we can't leave our neighborhood (major intersection is flooded)

I decided dat maybe I should start working on my boat since it is still raining.

Mom doesn't have a truck so she will not drive though dis high of water.

Oh, oh, oh..... and did I mention dat I have a new pond in my backyard?   I even raced through it yesterday.

Back to da boat..... I drew up my plans....
Boat plans... Good huh????
Den I ordered my supplies.

You can always count on to deliver, even in high water.

And..... here's my completed boat.  

I got ALL my favorite stuffies in my boat and some snacks (of course).
Yep.... I'm all ready for da high water and flooding.

Wet and Wild, 

Pees..... we are all good and safe here.

Friday, October 2, 2015

On Hurricane & Flood Watch

What is dat woman doing now?   She is re-arranging my backyard and removing anything dat could fly.

Ranger:  Yo..... Mom, what's up?
Mom:   I'm getting prepared for Hurricane Joaquin 
Ranger:   Maybe we should buy a boat.   I've got loads of experience Captain'ing a pirate ship.

Right now it looks like it will not landfall near us.   Yippy!

I'm all ready.
We've had rain all week (and flooding already).

Da forecast is for Joaquin to bring even more flooding rain (4 - 10+ inches).    Now dat's a LOT of water.   Dat boat is sounding better and better.

Hopefully we will not get da hurricane winds or we'll have trees topple over everywhere.

OMwetD..... even squirrel is ready.  
It's going to be a wet and wild few days. 


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sadie Hawkins Dance

Arrrroooooooooo !!!!!!    
Daisy asked me to escort her to Dory's Sadie Hawkins Dance.

I am one lucky guy.
Like my dancing cap?   I wanted to look cool.
Daisy really is da sweetest and has mad dancing skills.   You should see her jump and spin.  I just hope dat I don't step on her delicate little paws.

Maybe I'll try dipping her.   Dat is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

I hope y'all are enjoying da dance as much as we are.


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