Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, New Ball


Guess what????   Mom gave me a new super-hero ball on New Years Day.   I had da best'st time chasing it all around the backyard.  
Den she snatched it (before I could dead it) and brought it inside and put it up on da stool so dat I would take a break from chasing da ball.   Grrrrrrrrrr.....

Hummmmmmmmmmmm....   I guess I'll have to do some real problem solving here so I can get MY New Years ball back.  

Here's a little video of me and my pawsome problem solving skills.

Yep....  you guessed it, I got my ball back and YES....
I dead'd it good!

Now who's da real Super Hero?



Peeeees......   we are supposed to get some snow tomorrow and I am beyond excited.    I can't remember when I got to play in da snow last.    I'll keep ya posted.

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