Sunday, December 30, 2012

** Happy New Year **

Happy New Year's to all my blogville furfriends, BPPs, and fans.

You have made my first year of blogging a joyful experience.   Thanks for all the support and laughs.

Chow for now.   See ya in 2013 for more fun and adventures!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Fun - Pawt 2

So you are probably wondering what happened to the two Santa hats that magically appeared at my house before Christmas.

Well… I took very good care of Santa's hats (just in case it was a test… and because Officer SideBites told me to).  And then Christmas Eve night, I put them on stands, next to the fireplace for Santa and continued to guard them until I went to bed.   I also put that pesty "Rocking-Around" singing Christmas Tree by the fireplace and I put out some cookies and milk for Santa.

This guard duty stuff is hard work.

Cookies & Milk for Santa.
I was very tired and so I went to bed.      Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And low and behold, when I woke up…….  the Santa Hats were gone, my stocking was full,

and I got a note from Santa that read:

Dear Little Ranger,
Thank you for taking such good care of My hat and Mrs. Claus' hat.   Ya see.. we have a couple of practical jokers up at the North Pole and this year two of my Elves snatched our hats and gave them to some Polar Bears, who gave them to a Moose in Canada,  who passed them on to some Deer in Montana, who gave them to some rabbits in Ohio, who gave them to two squirrels in North Carolina.   Looks like the squirrels (Remo and Chester) left the hats at your place.   I am so happy you were such a good little guard puppy and for watching over our hats.

Thank you for the yummy cookies and milk.  I love to snack while I am making all my deliveries and your cookies were very special. 

See ya next year.   I'm off to deliver more goodies to all of your furfriends.

Pees.   The Two Naughty Elves are now on Raindeer 'poop duty' and....I also took care of that little pesty problem you had. 
   Santa snatched pesty Pete's hat and sew'd his mouth shut.
That'll fix him !!!!   Hehehehe.
Arrrroooooooooo.  I really like this guy Santa.    Thank you Santa… for all the pressies in my stocking.

Chow for now,
         Ranger (Santa's favorite 'Nice' guard puppy)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Fun - Pawt 1

Let's talk Christmas.   I have soooooooooooooo much to tell ya.

Guess who came for Christmas!   Aunty D's son (and Mom's nephew) Neil.   We all went to pick him up at the train station.
There was lots of train traffic so I had to wait for a
long time.   Finally his train arrived and I got to
meet my new Christmas buddy.

He gave me lots of hugs and played ball with me.  
I can't wait for him to come back and visit me again.

On Christmas Eve, I finally got to open my pressies from Benny & Lily.  Yippy !!!!!
I smell something yummy in here!
Just look at all the wonder stuff I got.   I am the luckiest pup alive !!!!
Aroooooooooo.   I got yummy purple and blue treats.
I can't decide what which one to try first !!!

Mom got scottie note cards.  They look just like ME !

AND………..  I got a really BIG fluffy toy.
I'm not sure what he is, but he makes a really cool sound when I bop him in the tummy.  He is soooooo funny.

Isn't he the funniest fluffy toy ever?   I think I should give him a name.   Any ideas?

It was a grrrrrrrrrreat Christmas Eve.    Thanks to Benny & Lily and my Christmas buddy Neil.

More later… cuz I know you want to know what happened to Santa's hats.   Mom wants to use the 'puter, so I have to stop blogging for now.


Pees.   Maybe I should have told Santa that I want my very own 'puter.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Season Greetings

To all my Furfriends,  their peeps, and to my blog  followers and friends.

Glitter Text Composer

Now if I can only get those bloody hats down before Santa arrives.

Silent Sunday

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Houston, we have a problem

I was house-ploring again and……….

OH NO!   Say it isn't so.

They are multiplying!   How did this happen?

Santa, what is going on?   
Is this a test?
Am I being pranked by those pesky squirrels?
I may have to take them out.   Would that be naughty?
Hummmmmmm.   What to do? What to do?

I'll bark at you tomorrow.   I have to go and look for some more clues.   
I just gotta figure this out before Christmas Eve. 
Ranger (confused, but still trying to be 'Nice')

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Santa Mystery

You won't believe what I found when I did my house-ploring today.
What is this red and white fluffy thing on the chair?
 I haven't seen it before.
I'll just pull it down, off the chair, to take a closer look at it.
Hummmmmmm.   I think it's a hat.  
Oh my…. it's Santa's hat !

What's it doing here?   
Was Santa here?   
What was Santa doing here?  
Was he looking for me?   
Was he hungry and looking for some cookies?

Do you think he'll come back to get his hat?

I'd better guard his hat so those pesty
squirrels don't snatch it.
What should I do now?

I am a bit worried.  It is December 21st.

I hope he doesn't get a head cold.  Maybe he has another one. Or maybe, one of his elves will come back to get it for him.

This is quite a Mystery.
What should I do?   Oh… I know,  maybe Officer Bites can give me some advice.  Or maybe Miss Mollie will know what to do.

This is a Big responsibility (protecting Santa's hat) for a wee little lad like me.

I'll try to bark at you tomorrow to give you an update.
Ranger (detective pup in training) 

Thursday, December 20, 2012


This morning, while I was looking for a place to hide my bone, I noticed some new things in my house.
Whoa…. what's that up there?
Mom says it's MY Christmas stocking.   

Mine!   All mine!
Guess what?   Santa is gonna fill it with good stuff on Christmas.   That is so pawsome.   
Santa is a really cool guy.   Have you scouted-out your Christmas stocking yet?

So…. I decided that I should do some more house-ploring and look what else I found...
Pressies !!   Yippy!   I love pressies.
When did these show up?   Let me see if any of them have my name on it.  
Hummmmmmmmmmm….. this one is for Mom, this one is for Aunty D….. oh… another one from Mom.  SHE got 2 pressies.  Look… one of them says Happy Birthday.   Is Mom's Birthday on Christmas?   I'll have to ask Aunty D about that.

Sigh….  None for ME.    I better go check to make sure my pressies are still in out in the sunroom.

Yup…..   still here!   These are all for ME. 
I wonder what I'll find tomorrow when I do some more house-ploring.   Stay tuned…


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rock'n Around the Christmas Tree

Hummmmmmmm…..   what's this, under my Christmas tree?
Hello.   My name is Ranger.  What's your name?  
Are you a Christmas Elf?
Did you come to play with me?
What big eyes you have. 

Hey Mom……     I don't think he can talk.  
Maybe he's hungary.  Should I give him one of my treats?

*** Look out ***     

 Whoa…. he's SINGING!        
And he's blinking…. and dancing !!!!!!
And……… he's kinda annoying.   

Stop!  Stop!  Did you hear me?   Stop that singing.   
I'm sure Cristina would agree… you're kinda pitchy.

(see the little tree monster singing - click on my video)

brought to you by Rangeman Productions
Timber !!!!!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Party

Arrroooooooooo!   I got more MAIL !!!

My mail lady delivered it on Saturday and it came in a cool envelop.     Guess what?   It was from Bennie and Lily (again).    Mom let me open it and I'm soooooooo glad she did cuz, I got to wear it to the party.     Thank you Bennie and Lily.  You guys are soooooooooo pawsome!
Don't I look dashing in my new bow-tie?

What party you ask?

Mom and Aunty D had a big Christmas party at our house yesterday.   They invited all their quilting friends and I got to make lots of new friends.   I also got to say hello to Wally's mom and to Bailey & Kayla mom.   Bailey & Kayla's mom even brought me a present from the the Office Pups.
Yippy!   There are treats down there.
Now if only I can get to the treats.

Maybe if I tilt the bag up.. the treats will
roll down and drop into my mouth.

Here is my latest video of me play'n "Get the Treats Out of the Bag" game.
brought to you by Rangeman Productions
Wowwwwww.   That was challenging but I finally got the yummy treats!   Thank you Office Pups.

I really like parties.   Everyone was so nice to me and I got to run around and practice my snatching technique.   I think I may need a lot more practice as I was not too successful at begg'n for scraps.   Oh well…. I still got to meet lots of really nice humans.   Next time I think Mom should invite my BPP furfriends.   That would be really, really fun.

Mom still hasn't let me open the big package from Benny and Lily.   I guess I'll just have to wait until Christmas.

                                Ranger (the party pup)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Flashback Fridays

This is me, as a wee little lad, playing.   I had soft fluffy fur back then.
My 1st chewy.
I have two videos for you today.   It's never seen before footage of me playing.  I hope you enjoy.

Video by Rangeman Productions
                  Ranger baby

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Still Waiting

It's raining outside today (sigh) so I mostly have to play get into trouble inside the house.

12 Days to Christmas and I'm still waiting to open my pressie.
This waiting thing is hard.
That fluffy bag pressie is calling to me.

After I dryed off (from the rain), I decided to take a closer look at my fluffy bag pressie.
Maybe I'll just take a little peek.
It is open on top, so it must be okay to take a peek.   I don't think Santa would mind.
Check out my sneak peek video (below).
brought to you by Rangeman Productions

Ok… for the record… I did not Open my fluffy bag pressie, but I did try to take a peek.  And….  I did try to see if it was breakable (by steppin on it).   Looks like it is not breakable.

        Ranger  (still waiting to open all my pressies)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BOL Award

Today I am giving Garth my BOL Award.   If you haven't met him, you just gotta stop by his blog.   He is way too funny.

Congratulation Garth!

This is an easy pezy award.   All you have to do is pass it on to someone else (whenever you want) who's blog makes you BOL.


One Word Wednesdays - "Blogg'n"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Card - 2012

Here is my blogville Christmas card for all my human and furfriends.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dancing with the Ball

The weather wass great today.  Around 70 degrees and Aunty D is blowing leaves again.  I'm kinda over all this leaf blowing thing.  

So…. I've been thinking about this dating thing.   Maybe I should learn to dance in case Mollie wants to go to the blogville Valentines Day dance (more about that later) in the new year.

Instead of just chasing my big blue ball around the yard….  maybe I should use it to practice my dancing.  It could work, don't you think?

Here is my latest video of me trying to dance with my big blue ball.   It is kinda tricky but after you get your balance right it, you can dance all around the ball.

(You might wanta hit your mute button while you watch my new video, 
cuz Aunty's leave blowing machine is kinda loud.)

 copyrighted by Rangeman Productions

Ooops !
Maybe I need to see if Mom will let me go to dancing schools.   It's either that or we'll be going through a lot of blue balls.

                       Ranger (aspiring to be 'Fred' to Mollie's 'Ginger')

Pees.   Arooooooo….. I got me another Award.   This one is from Cotton.     I just love Awards and all I had to do to earn this one was to be Friendly.   That is easy.  I'm real good at being friendly.      Thank you Cotton for the award.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Official

My new luv 'Mollie'
It's official, Mollie is my girlfurfriend.

And….  guess what???   Ruby sent Mollie and me a e-card.

CLICK BELOW TO VIEW IT.   You'll lov it!

What do I luvz about Mollie?
  • She has a beautiful silky blonde fur and…….. she is smart to boot
  • She is funny and plays lots games 
  • She is very popular and host all sort of contests
  • She is from the UK and talks with sweet accent
  • She is a professional girl (has a job) and makes and sells really cool bandanas
  • She can BAKE and  makes homemade doggie treats  
  • and… she thinks I'm Dashing’z

Now for some serious business…..
I need some advice.
I'm only 8 months old and Mollie is my 1st real girfurfriend.   I want to be a good boyfurfriend.   Do you have any advice or tips for being a good boyfurfriend?   She is a bit older and more experienced than me and I don't want her to get bored with me.  Ya see… I'm not her first boyfurfriend.


Saturday, December 8, 2012


I thought I'd share some of the outtakes from my Santa-paws photo shoot.

This Santa guy is pawing my ear.
More pawing.  Please…. I can hear better when
both my ears are up.
Do I smell a Papillon?   She was naughty.

Miss Pap was right before me in line and her Mom had the exact same haircut.
They could have been twins. I see coal in their future.
Santa, I'm ready to get down now.
Tis the Season, to not be naugh-ty.   

Yeah… did I tell you my elf name?  It is 'Regnary'. (Ranger backwards with a Y)
I learned that from my buddy Wyatt.  I'm learning a lot of cool stuff from him.

          'Regnary'  (still waiting to open my package)

Friday, December 7, 2012

I got me a present today !!!!!

Aroooooooooo.   Look what I got from Benny and Lily?    It came all the way from California.  Wow.   Mom says she was born in California and it's a beautiful place.
Sigh…. it's dented.   I hope my gift is not breakable.
When the doorbell rang… I ran to the door.   Mom opened the door and saw that the post lady had left me a package.   She told me to Wait and then slowly opened the storm door.   She said hello to the post lady and wished her a happy holiday and then she picked up my package.   I got soooooooooooo excited that I slipped out the door, past Mom's legs, and took off to the street where the post lady had parked her car and was re-arranging more packages in the pack.  Mom shouted RANGER STOP but I ignored her and ran right up to the post lady to say thank you for my very 1st Christmas package.  She bent down to pet me and when I turned around Mom was there and snatched me up.    The post lady said that I must be the one that the package is for, cuz my name is Ranger.

Mom brought me and the package inside and when her heart stopped racing, she let me take a look at it.
Benny and Lily are so  nice to send me a present.

This is all for me?   I am a lucky puppy!

Can we open it NOW ?????
What, I have to wait until Christmas to open my presents?  Who made that rule?   Santa?

What's with all the rules?   Maybe Officer Bites can let me know what the penalty is for breaking this "Gotta wait for Christmas to open Presents"    I just might have to break this rule but don't want to end up in doggie jail.   I am still a little puppy and it could be scarry being in jail with all the rough and tough dogs.   Any advice would be welcomed.

Maybe if I had STOPPED when Mom told me to, I'd be able to open  my package.
I think she is still mad at me.
I hope I did not just get on Santa's naughty list.   That would be bad.

                                            Ranger (still waiting for Christmas)
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