Monday, May 15, 2017

Special Delivery Monday

Box Check!

Da postman just delivered my favorite box.
Yep..... you got it.   It's my Chewy box!

I have to supervise Mom's unpacking of all my yummy treats and food to make sure she doesn't miss anything good.  
I also have my buddy Messi visiting so I have to make sure he doesn't try to steal any of my good stuff.

Once da box is empty, I like get in my "box seat" (after munch'n on a chewy treat) and settle down to watch all my Animal Planet shows.     It's da best seat in da house.


Ps.   I have to go to dat Dogster today for a sore paw re-check.   I went 2 weeks ago and   da Dogster said dat knee and hip are great but she did give me got some anti-inflammatories.  I'm still doing a bunny hop on my back paw, sometimes, and Mom thinks that I'm avoiding my rear paw more often so I guess we'll be heading back.  

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mom's Day

Dis is for all my furfriends Moms.

I hope you have a grrrrrrrreat day playing wiff your best friend.


I have a sore paw today, butt I'm lovin my lazy day wiff Mom.

Wags & Licks,
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