My Awards


*** Awards and Contest I have won ***

Most Influenshal Blogger Award - August 2014

Safety Week Award - August 2014

The Explorer Dog Award - September 2013
From:  Stuart

One Year Blogging Award - May 2013
From:  Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs

Liebster Award - February 2013 & March 2013
From: Sheba (in Feb) and Hawkeye (in Mar)

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award - January 2013

Friendly Blogger Award - December 2012
From:  Cotton

Christmas Memories Contest - November 2012
From:  Oskar & Pam

Yippy!   I won a copy of this new Disney Movie.

Super Sweet Blogging Award - November 2012

From:  I snatched this one from Cotton

Seven Things About Me - November 2012
From:  the beautiful Misaki

National Taco Day -August 2012
From: the wonderful Jazzi

I'm a Taco eating Bandit-o.
I won a really cool mexican frame (handmade by Jazzi) with my picture in it.

My very 1st Award - August 2012
The Star Puppy Award.
I even got a gold metal for graduation.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Ranger,

    You've done such a GREAT job with this blog. You look so proud with your shiny metal...and you should be..they don't give those things to just anyone, you know?

    Even though your a puppy, your incredibly patient in your photographs...especially with you cute, albeit large, me-he-ken hat.


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