Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve - Resolutions Booth

** Welcome to my New Year's Eve Resolution Booth **


Follow these simple Instructions:
  • Click on the Blue words (below da line) dat say 'click here to enter' and then fill out the form.
  • Make sure you include your name in the response field (e.g.  Name - resolution )
Note:  the form will also ask for your bloggie addy and your email addy.

Dis is what I wrote:

'Ranger - I resolve to be less awesome since that is really the only thing I do in excess.'

See… Easy Peezie.


Don't forget to VOTE on the resolutions dat you "like" the best. 


Click here to go back to the Pawty!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Slumber

It's a dreary rainy Sunday here, so I'm recharging from all the Holiday pawties.    Gotta rest up for the BIG NEW YEARS EVE PAWTY!
Of course…. I'm still keepin a keen eye on everything.
Don't wanta miss out on any food droppings by the peeps.


Friday, December 27, 2013

Flashback Friday - Big Blue

When I was a wee little laddie, I loved to play ball.   Come to think of it….. I still love to play ball.   One day when I went outside to play in my yard…. I saw Big Blue.
OMD…. I love dis Big Blue Ball!

Hummm… I can't seem to get a good grip on it.
I guess I'll just have to push it.

When I got older…. I managed to get a really good grip on Blue and he got busted.
I miss my Blue.
                Have a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat weekend!  
                Baby Ranger

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

YIPPY!   Santa Paws came to my house.

Look, look, look... at my stocking.
It's all  full of goodies for ME.

Yo Mom…. can you help me get it down?

Oh, oh, oh…. and  I finally got to open up my Christmas box from my Santa Paws helper Wesley.
I smell foodables in here.
OMD….  I got me a bag in a box!
Wait till you see dis.
Arrrrrrrrroooooooo….  I gots me a HO, HO, HO bag.
Look at all the great pressies dat were in my HO HO HO bag.
I got 2 bags of treats, a box of Christmas cookies and a Gingerman squeaky toy.
No more photo posing for me…. I'm going in for the grab.
Ginger, you're ALL MINE!
 Thanks you Wesley, for my grrrrrrrrreat Christmas stash.  
You're dat best! 

Mom says dat Christmas is not all aboutz gettin stuff… but is about givin.
So…. here's what I gave to Mom for Christmas.    Now her Birthday is also today so dis is her Birthday/Chrismas gift.
It's Me in a Snowglobe.
My girlfriend Mollie made it for me.  Isn't it grrrrrrreat?  
Mom loves it.

Dat's all for now… I gotta run now and play with Gingerman.  He is squeaky cool.

Merry Christmas to All !

How was your Christmas?   Did Santa Paws visit you too?

Pees.  And now for my final card count.

          Me: 87 zillion  (okay…. I might have lost count)
     Peeps: 20

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Waiting for Santa Paws

I'm all ready.   Are you?

I got my stockin hung and I my milk and cookies out for Santa Paws.

Dis is sooooooooooooooo exciting.  
I can't wait to see if I get lots of toys and treats.



Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blogville's New Year's Eve Bash

Did you hear about Sarge's BIG NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH?   It's going to be a blast!

Click here for all the details.
There is going to be Bands, Dance Lessons, Dancing, Comedy Hour, Food & Drinks (YUMMMM), Pawty Hats & Noisemakers, Fireworks, and a Resolutions Booth (hosted by me).

Now… I've been working really hard to get my Resolutions Booth all ready.   What do you think?

On New Years Eve, you can hop over to my bloggie and pop-into my booth to write down your 2014 Resolution.  So… get your thinkin caps on.

Here's your NYE Bash Checklist:

  • Send your NYE pawty pictures to Sarge by midnight 12-25-13 to pawticipate. (lfurman1987ATyahooDOTCOM)
  • Send your Comedy Hour Jokes and photos to Baggy & Nin (leeandphodATbellDOTnet) by the 27th.  The Best Comedian gets a prize!

THIS is a Blogville Sanctioned EVENT... and is open to ALL... no matter the species (except squirrels).    EVERYBUDDY is WANTED and WELCOME.... so HELP SPREAD THE WORD... QUICKLY as there ARE DEAD LIONS fur getting Pictures and Jokes and stuffs sent in.

  Don't miss this one!  


Friday, December 20, 2013

Freedom Friday: Teamwork

Thanks to all my furfriends, I am FREE from dat chilly SnowFreak.   You guys are the best.
Da SnowFreak is dead.

And now for my card count (drumroll)..

          Me: 59  (51 cards, 1 cool calendar card and 6 e-cards)
     Peeps: 13  (BOL.. dey are very excited dat dey finally broke into da double digits.)             


Thursday, December 19, 2013

SeaSands Greetings

< Dis one is for my buddies Frankie & Ernie >

OMD….. there is a SnowFreak on my beach!

What should I do?   
Pee on him?   

 Too late…… 


Oh Noooooooooo!                          
I've been captured by the SnowFreaks.
                                 Your buddy, Ranger                                  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Big Playdate with the Berner Babes

 Arrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooo.   I love playdates!

Meet Bailey and Kayla, the Bernina Berner babes.
Dey are the cutest Bernese Mountain Dogs dat I ever did meet.
And... dey are the Office pups at the Bernina shop dat Aunty D works at.
Babes with jobs…. HOT, Hot, Hot !!

I was sooooooooo excited to see dem.
The last time dat I saw dem, I was a wee little laddie.

The girls got to run in their backyard wiffout their leases on.  Aunty D would not let me run free cuz the yard was not fenced in.  Drat.  She said that I'm a scottie and can't be  trusted to come back when called.

Well… maybe she's does have a point.
Dis is da lovely Bailey.
She's not too sure of me and kept her eye on me the whole time.
I thinks she's a bit worried dat I might be a permanent interloper.

Dis is Kayla.  Isn't she beautiful?
I think she has a wee little crush on me.

Bailey:  Kayla, did you know dat he already has a girlfriend?

Kayla: Yeah… but I'm local and "She's" not.  Dat gives me a really biggie advantage.

Kayla is very tall and I had to jump up on the couch
in order to hold on a conversation.

Sometimes I had a hard time understanding her.
Ya see… she speaks Dutch too and sometimes slips into it.
I don't speak Dutch.  I don't even know what Dutch is.
Anyways, we had a grrrrrreat time playing
tug-a-war together wiff her 'New @ 2' toy.

Dis is 'New @ 2'.
Their dad bought it new (today at 2:00).
Didn't take us long to de-stuff it.
After we played hard and had dinner, the girls dad gave us cookies for dessert. 
Sometimes it's not good to be short.

I had the bestest time with the girls and before we left, dey gave me a pressie.  Yippy…. you know how much I love pressies.
Meet Goldie da fish, wiff a really BIG SQUEAK.

I really like Goldie, but I'm a wee bit scared of her.   See, she has a really loud squeak so when I run around wiff her in my mouth, I don't bite down to hard so she doesn't SQUEAK at me.

It was a great day and I really loved playing wiff the big girls.   Thanks Kayla and Bailey for having me over to your house for a playdate.


Monday, December 16, 2013

A pressie for ME

Look what I spied.  A wee-little flower on one of our azalea's.  I thought dey only bloomed in the Spring and den again in the Fall.

Mom says it's a Christmas pressie from Mother Nature.   Wow…. my 1st Christmas pressie.   Yippy!    Thank you Mother Nature.  

Oh…  I also got me another package dis weekend from my Santa Paws helper but Mom won't let me open it enough.   Every time I walk by it, I smell it.   I think there is some foodables in it.

So…. what's da deal about waiting to open your Christmas packages?   Do you have to wait?   I don't think this is fair.

And now for my card count (drumroll)..

                                   Me: 48 (42 cards, 1 cool calendar card and 5 e-cards)
                     Peeps: 5  (BOL and they are so proud of dem)            


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday starters

Arrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooo.   It's Saturday!
I love Saturdays but before the fun begins, I have a big job to do.   What's dat?  Well…. I have to wake Mom up and get her out of bed.   Yep…. the lazy bum likes to sleep in on Saturdays so I have to pound on the bed to shake her up.  Ya see…. I'm too short to jump up on the bed, so all I can do is pound my paws on the side of the bed.   Sometimes I wish I was tall.
Time to get up!
Wakey, wakey!
Huh…..  she's still in da bed.
Can you believe this?   Sleepy-head.
MOM….. GET UP NOW!!!!!
Time to eat & play.
If you don't get up now… I'll go and pee on the carpet.

Works every time.  Well, someones gotta do it.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Flashback Friday - Checking out my pressies

Last year was my very 1st Christmas.
Wow… look at all dos scotties on da tree. 
There were pressies under my scottie tree
but I couldn't see what was in the bags.

I had to take a more direct approach.

So far…. dis year, there are NO pressies under the tree.  Maybe She's got dem hidden and I should go on a pressie hunt da next time She is out.  
I can't wait for dem to start arriving so I can check dem out.

Do you have any pressies under your tree yet?

And now for my card count (drumroll)..

                                   Me: 42 (37 cards, 1 cool calendar card and 4 e-cards)
                     Peeps: 1 (still only one… hehehe) 


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Letter to Santa

(Warning:  I'm testing out another Linky Tool so I hope dis work.)

*** Dis is for Santa Paws eyes ***

Have you written a letter to Santa Paws yet?   Well here's you chance to tell him.

What do you want Santa Paws to bring you?  (click below to tell him… you're next)
Now you don't have to do a post about your list… just click and type in what you want.  Dis is what I typed (don't forget to give your name).

Dis is what I wrote:  "Dear Santa - I want a new fluffy toy, cookies, and a new ball.  Wags Ranger"

                                       Ranger (I believe in Santa Paws)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finn's Barkday

Guess what?   My buddy Finn is now ONE and his peeps through him a Big  Barkday Pawty on Sunday.
Finn:  Arrrrrrrrrrrooooooo.    I'm the Barkday Boy!

Happy Barkday Finn!   Thank you for inviting me to your pawty.
Wanta play wiff me?
Hehehehe….stop tickling me!

I got you now Barkday Boy!  Take dis!
I'm gonna tickle you until you say 'Cupcake'.

  Wally (Finn's big brother):   What are you wearing Ranger?
Me:  Mom made me wear dis stupid jingle bell collar.
Wally:   You look like a clown.
Me:   Yeah, but I'm trying to be 'nice' in case Santa Paws is watchin…. so I'm just gonna pretend dat I like it.   Dis being 'nice' all the time is really hard.

Finn & Wally's cousin, Colby (he's a cairn terrier) was also at the pawty.  Dis is the first time dat I met Colby (he is the oldest of our bunch - 7 yrs young) and he's a BIG Patriot fan and has the tee-shirt to prove it. Go Patriots!    
Me:  Hey Colby, are dey done takin photos?
Colby:  I'm not gonna smile anymore.   

OMD !!!!!      BARKDAY PUPCAKES !!!!!  

Finn:  Yummmm…. carrots.

I ate every last crumb.

I had such a grrrrrrrrrrreat time wiff 'Barkday Boy' Finn, Wally, and Colby.

Oh…   I almost forgot to tell ya…..
look what I got to bring home.
It's called a pawty favor.  I just call it 'good'.

Pees.   Here's my latest card count.
                                   Me: 37 (32 cards, 1 cool calendar card and 4 e-cards)
                     Peeps: 1 (still only one… hehehe)        
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