Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Letter to my Paw Pal

Today is Write a Letter to your Paw Pal Day.
What?   You wanta steal my yaptop?

Move over Ranger, today I'm commandeering your blog so I can tell the world how much you mean to me and join in on da "Letter To Paw Pal" blog hop.

Don't worry, I promise not to leave my sticky fingerprints all over your keyboard.   You can blog again tomorrow.   I promise.

Dear Ranger Pal,
The first three months of 2012 were hard for me.   In January, I loss my beloved scottie MacGuyver and then in March, I loss my Dad.   I was heartbroken.  
One day, when I was googling scottie puppies, I found Jane Heron in Raeford, NC.   She had a litter of sweet scottie pups.  

I met with Jane and that was the 1st time that I saw you.     You had 2 brothers and 5 sisters.   I chose you.  Hum.... now that I think about it, maybe you chose me.   Thank you for choosing me to be your Mom.

When you were a wee bit bigger, I finally got to bring you home with me.  How could I not fall in love with that sweet face, that little milk lip, and your nice little butt?

You have brought so much joy and laughter into our home.    I can't think of a day that has gone by without you making me laugh.
My little clown.

You are also my favorite little beach bun.     I love how excited you get whenever we go to the beach.   You excitement is infectious.

There is no one I'd rather take a walk on the beach with.     I am constantly amazed at how many perfect strangers stop to introduce themselves to you.

It's all about the sandy nose.
Now I thought that I'd let you some more reasons why I love you.
  • I love that you bang your paws on the side of my bed to wake me up in the morning.
  • I love that you are always excited to see me.
  • I love when you give me that "please walk me look".   
  • I love that you are always excited to go for a ride in the car or a ride in your bike trailer.
  • I love that you jump up on your photography chair whenever you see me with a box for you and a camera.
  • I love that you let me know when it is 5:00pm (dinnertime) and pester me until I feed you.
  • I love that you grab a stuffie, run up to the TV,  jump up and down whenever you see a Dog or Cat or any 4 legged friend on TV.
  • I love when you let me grab a hug from you.
  • I love that when I call you in from outside, you just sit there and stare at me.   After I close the door, you run to it so I can let you in.  (maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that one).
Thank you for all the joy and laughter.
Love really is a 4 legged Word.
You are MY BPP (Best Puppy Pal) and have left your Paw-prints on my Heart.

Love ya Batman,

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Attention New Recruits to da Blogville Pawlice Force

Attention Recruits
Our Pawlice Academy is right around da corner and in order to prepare for it, I need you to send me your pics (one wiff you standing, one wiff you running, and one wiff you sitting).    A solid white background would be great but not required.   We'll be PSing you into various venues and will put uniforms on you.

Please send me and Bites your pics ASAP (scottierangerATgmail)


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sniff testing

I just got back from doggie camp.   I was dar while Mom and Aunty D flew to NYC for a long weekend.    I had a blast playin wiff my fellow campers and was all happy until I did my usual detecting (sniff test).   You'll never believe dis.  

Who have you been wiff?
She should know dat she'd get caught.   I mean really????   I'm a trained investigator and a Deputy Top Cop on da Blogville Pawlice Force.  

After some skilled interrogating, she finally confessed.  

She was playing wiff Messi .
Bonjour!   I'm Messi.
Do you have a problem -or- maybe some snacks?
Can you help me find my ball?
What's wiff dos CRAZY ears?   And where is all his furs?   What... no beard?  Maybe I shouldn't be too worried about da competition.

Anyways....  Messi (named after some ball player) is a French baby pup.   His parents are Aunty D's #2 son and his fiancĂ© and dey all live in NY.   I think it's someplace dat has a Queen or a bridge or may an airport.
He was supposed to come wiff his parents at Christmas to visit me, but dey didn't want to fly Messi when dey had connecting flights and 2 subway rides.   Dang..... I could've had a real live puppy to play wiff at Christmas.

I guess I'll give Mom a pass (dis one time).  
Next time..... Messi has to come here!    Mom says dat I could teach him a lot as his parents are kinda clueless but dey love him loads.
Dis is Messi wiff his Mom (and Aunty D's future daughter-in-law)

                Ranger (DTC)

Pees......   Mom told Messi's parents to check out Two French Bulldogs for everything Frenchie.   I think he kinda looks like a baby Angel Benny.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Best Pals

Yippy!    My BPs (Best Pals) came over today for a playdate at my house.    I just love playdates wiff Wally and Finn.   We have crazy fun when we get together.

Want play "Race Around da Can"?
 Ready, Set,..... Go.....
Catch me if you can!
Why did y'all stop?   What do you smell?

Bunny trails?  
BOL.....  you guys crack me up.

 I hope you have lots of fun, dis weekend, wiff your best pals and peeps.


Friday, January 16, 2015

We are Looking For a Few Good Puppers

We need a few additional Junior Officers that are willing to train hard, be an Officer Assistant, go on Police Activities and Criminal Chases, get involved with posting the adventures and be all around fun loving good puppers.

We have Training School coming up in February, so we need your resume NOW, you will go through a demanding schedule with the new Juniors that we have already.

You will learn load of really cool stuff (sorry, these activities are a National Security item and da Criminals do not need to know your training).  Details will be issued upon entry into the school.  All I can say is that you will be a highly trained Junior Officer ready to do field work and build skills to become a Full Patrol Officer after one year of service.

Please forward your resume with contact information to; Commissioner Sarge, Top Cop SiteBite, or ME.    We'll contact you after we review da candidates.

Come and join dat fun as a badge carrying member of da Blogvile Pawlice Force.

                                Ranger, Deputy Top Cop  

Pees..... Donut supplies are unlimited.   
We get to eat all da donuts dat we want.   
I like da ones wiff sprinkles on dem.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Meet da Blogville Administration

Today, our new Mayorz Murphy & Stanley ask dat we talk about our jobs in dar new Administration.  

Here are my jobs.

Deputy Top Cop

Dis is my primary job and I take it very seriously.   I report to Officer Bites (Top Cop) and provide whatever assistance that he needs.   I'm also Captain of da Rat/Rodent Patrol so let me or Ruby (Rodent Patrol Officer) know if you spy any Tree Rats Bandits dat need to be dealt wiff.
Dis is me when I was a Jr. Officer
(8 mos old)

I am very excited dat we have added sooooooo many Junior Officers.   As part of my Deputy Duties, I am responsible for training dem.

Just so you know, we (da Blogville Pawlice Force) is here to protect and serve you, so call us whenever you need help or have extra donuts.    We use da donuts to help catch rodents.   Oh.... Ruby says dat donuts are extra special when dunked in a Margarita.

Attention All Jr Officers:  We will be having training sessions starting in Feb.    Send me you picture so I can include dem in training pics and da class photo (scottierangerATgmail).    I'd like 3 pics from each of you.   One wiff you standing, one wiff you sitting and one wiff you laying down.   My staff will PS dem.

Blogville Choir

In my spare time, I am also a member of da Blogville Choir, under da direction of Susie (Sweet Petunia).

Dis is da first time dat I have been in a choir and I really wanta do a good job so I've been practicing every day.   When I go outside, I run to da fence and start practicing my Doe-woof, Ray-woof, ME-woofs.   Soon, I have da whole neighborhood singing wiff me (except when it is cold outside), den I'm usually singing a solo (me-me-me).

Now, check out da rest of our new members in our Administration in da Blog Hop.  (below).

                 Ranger, DTC

Pees..... I also publish our Monthy Wacky Holiday's list to help give y'all ideas for blog hops or stories or pawties.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mayoress Madi's Box Bash

Today, my good buddy Sarge is throwing a box party for our outgoing Mayoress Madi.

Thank You Madi, for all your magnificant Mayoressing (and looking soooooo good doing it).
Yep... I'm channeling my inner Madi.
OMD.... is dis kitty litter in da box?  Yikes!
Please don't tell anyone... dis is sooooooooo embarrassing.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Post Inauguration Pawty

Dory is hosting a post-Inauguration PJ Pawty!    Not only is she beautiful, she also throws da bestest pawties.

Here's to Stanley and Murphy (our new Mayors)!
Here's to Dory, for throwing such a great pawty!
Cheers.... here's to some time off of chasing squirrels!
After a hard day of being on Duty wiff the Blogville Police force, I think dat a pawty is just what I need.

Peeeeew..... dis is my 3rd beer and I think I'm seeing squirrels.   No... not possible.
hehehehe !!!

Maybe I should go and get me some of dat great pawty food before I have another beer.


Now pop on over to Dory's to see all da pawty action.

On Duty at the Mayoral Inauguration

I'm heading out to Stanley & Murphy's Mayoral Inauguration.
Congratulations Mayors!
Zoom..... zoom....

It's going to be a busy day as dar is chatter dat dos  Bad Ass Squirrels  may try to disrupt the ceremony.   So, the entire Blogville Police Force is on High Alert.
Not to worry, our Police Chief, Officer Bites will be monitoring the situation from da Inauguration Stage, Sully will be in da air, and I'll be cruising to assist my fellow Officers (in particular... all da new Jr Officers).   Rest assured, your Blogville Police Force is on da job.   Y'all can all enjoy da Inauguration Parade, Ceremony and After Pawty wiff no worries.

                                           Officer Ranger (Deputy Top Cop)

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Mom didn't take me on a walk dis morning (sigh).   She says it's too too cold outside (wimp).     

I guess it's a day to stay under da covers wiff my gingerbread man pillow.  Well... dat's my plan.

Stay Warm Everyone !!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Mischief Monday - Yakety Yak Yak

Belated Christmas stuff....

I had great fun wiff our Christmas Holiday intruders.   One of dem was a beautiful girl from Nepal (She is going to be Aunty Ds future daughter-in-law).
Anyway.... she was great fun to play wiff, chased me all around da house and gave me very nice grab-hugs.

She thought dat I was soooooo cute and said dat I looked like a baby Yak.
What?   Now dat's a first for me.   So I got on my yaptop and googled Yak.

Yak, bovine mammal, of the Tibet region of China and adjacent areas. It is oxlike in build, with short, thick legs, humped shoulders, large upcurved horns ears, and a thick coat that hangs down to the ankles.

Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm… dat does kinda sounds like me.

What do you think?   Do I look like a little Yak?


Pees.... maybe I need a good brush.

Friday, January 2, 2015

What did Santa Paws bring me

Yes... Santa Paws did make it to NC on Christmas and I haven't told you all about it yet.

Now you're probably wondering if I got what was on my Christmas list.   I asked for
  • A new tug toy.
  • A new stuffie.
  • A puppy brother (den I'd have a full-time play pal).  I just love puppies, just like you do Santa. 
  • Some cookies/treats.

 Here's what Santa Paws brought.
But what about my puppy brother? 

I got:

  • a bag of treats (yummy)
  • 2 tug toys (yippy)
  • a red spike ball (just like a my buddies used to have).   Mine even has a button da I can push wiff my teeth and turn it on.   It lights up, flashes, and and sings da Christmas Woof, Woof, Woof song.   It is pawsome.  
  • And I got a blue stuffie in my stocking.

  Mom says dat da blue stuffie is my new puppy brother.
Dis is my new puppy brother?
I guess I should have been more specific and said I wanted a real live puppy brother.
Lesson learned.
Maybe next year.

I still got lots of cool stuff and I must admit dat I do love my blue stuffie puppy brother.   I even let him sleep wiff me in my bed.   Oh... and he doesn't snore.   But I don't know what to call him.   Mom says dat I need to give him a name.   Got any ideas?

I hope you got everything dat you wanted from Santa Paws.


Pees..... I also got lots of grab hugs from our intruders.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year; A New Day

Arrrrrrroooooooooo...... time for our New Years Day tradition!   
Mom, Aunty D and I take a nice long walk on da beach. 
Happy New Year !!!
Dis is grrrrrrrreat. 
Sniff, sniff......  what's dat smell?

What's dat?

OMD.... look at all da dead fish on my beach !!
Dey must have washed up and died in our Big Christmas Eve storm.
I've never seen anything like it.
I hope your New Year is filled wiff loads of sandy paw prints and good smells.

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