Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Xmas in July

I am pawticipating in Sparkles & Finn's Christmas in July pressie exchange.  

Yippy…. I drew Miss Harper Lee's name.   She is a beautiful southern golden girl and lives in Louisiana.

I really hope my new friend likes what I got for her.
Sealed with a little lick.

All ready for the post lady.

Dis is soooooooooooo exciting.  I just love pressies.


Pees.   I already got my pressie from Miss Lee but am waiting to open it until she gets hers from me.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mischief Monday - Toy Toss

Mom:  Ranger, did you make this mess?
Ranger:  What mess?

Mom:  Why did you take all your toys out of your toy basket?
Ranger:  I couldn't find it.

Mom:  What were you looking for?
Ranger:  My favorite toy.  It's the one dat I got for Christmas from Benny & Lily.

Mom:  Aweeeeeeeee.
It was hiding at the bottom of my toy basket, but I gots it now.
I just love this toy and couldn't start my Monday without it.

Happy Monday!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Portrait

Mom thinks she's an artist.  You be the judge.

Dis is Me posing for Mom.

Dis is Mom's fabric quilt square of Me.

I don't know about you…. but I don't think it looks a thing like me.

Woof woof,

Friday, July 26, 2013

Flashback Friday, the Beach and Babes

Yesterday, while y'all voted, I asked Mom if we could go to the beach.

I love the beach and it is a really good place to figure things out. 

Since it is also Flashback Friday, I thought I show you a photo of me as a wee little laddie.   I used to put on my beach visor and then hop into Mom's beach bag.

I don't fit in Mom's beach bag anymore (since I'm a big boy now).   Instead, I just hop in Mom's zoom-zoom car and off we go to the beach.
Come and join the hop.

Now… the first thing dat I did when I got to the beach was ….  yep …  you got it ….

….  there's nothing like a good roll in da sand.   Yippy!

Then I put on my favorite hat & shades and took a longggggg walk on the beach and went down to the marina.   So many great smells and sights to explore.
Just call me 'Panama Ranger'

I made lots on New furfriends at the beach.   Seem like everyone is on vacation dis week.

Wanta play?

I just LOVE the beach in the summertime.    Arrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooo !!


After I got home, I checked out the Voting results
(as of 11pm EST)

 40%  Make-up with Mollie. She is a big flirt but really loves you. Deal with it.
+ 8%  Fight for her. Bite Easy's ass. 
48%  Make-up with Mollie

 24%  Girls just wanta have fun. Date Mollie and get second girlfriend.
 16%  Just be Friends. You're too young to have a steady girl.
+ 8%  Kick her to the curb. There are lots of available sweeties out there in blogville.
48%  Play the field 

4%  Try couples therapy.

Now, dat wasn't very helpful.

I guess I just gotta go with my heart.
I love ya, Mollie.

Dear Mollie - you are one funny, sexy, smart, sweet, and crazy girl and I love ya.

You are who you are and I guess you just can't help flirting with all the boys and I'll just have to deal with it.   Just like I couldn't do anything about all those beach babes flirting at me.  I can't help being so cute.

I'll just have to risk gettin my feelings hurt or heart broken, cuz you are worth the risk.

Have a grrrrrrreat weekend.


Pees.  Happy Birfday Kyla.  You are very wise (if you know what I mean). 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Girl Troubles

                       Can we talk?

Ya, see… I've been having girl troubles and I don't know what to do.

Mom says dat I should make a Pros & Cons list about date'n Mollie.
So, I figured I'd give it a try.


  • She is beautiful (a real Hot Blonde).
  • She is really popular. 
  • She is very funny and makes everyone laugh. 
  • She has a sexy British accent.
  • She is a really good dancer.  (never steps on my paws).
  • She has really good taste in music.
  • She is a snazzy dresser.
  • She is creative and fun to play with.
  • She has a job/owns her own business selling lots of cools stuff.  (She is probably very rich with the sales of all that merchandise.)
  • She has a really BIG Heart and is always doing good stuff for others.  (dat's why they call her Saint Mollie).
  • She says she Loves me.

  • She is a BIG flirt and I get my feelings hurt easily.
  • She is really popular.   (oh… I had dat as a Pro)
  • She can't spell worth a darn (hey… a Hot Blonde doesn't have to).
  • She lives far, far away in a land with Princes and baby Princes everywhere.
  • She works too hard (and doesn't have a lot of time for me).
  • Easy is her neighbor and best buddy.  He was also her boyfurfriend before she started dating me.   (He does have a new love interest (Katie) so that may be good.)
  • She really likes to flirt.  (oh… I said dat already)

Now I need your opinion.   
(I sure hope this survey thingy works.)

Thank you for your help.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pee Shooter Update

Hello, remember me?
My name is Ranger and I have an appointment (again).
I'm here to see if my pee shooter is all better.

I now weigh 20 lbs.  Yep…. it's official, I'm a Big Boy.   Mom says dat it must be all dat wet food dat she's been mixin in with my kibble.   I just love that stinky/wet food.

After I got weigh'd, I had to pee in a cup.  I hope I can shoot straight.   I'm still a little depressed (about Mollie and all her boyfurfriends) and dat might affect my aim, but I'll give it a try.   Woowee…. bullseye.    Maybe I not really dat depressed after all.

Mom and I waited while the pretty Dogster assistant tested my pee.  While we waited, I got to think'n and ya know… I got a lot to offer 'the girls'.   I'm Cute, Smart (no blonde fur here), Athletic (can jump over poles in a single bound), a great Ball Player, Loyal and I got a Job (as Junior Police Officer).  Yeah… I'm a really good catch.   Maybe I should update my profile.

Now you're probably wondering about my test results.

Drummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm roll……

The Dogster walked in with a big smile on her face.
All Clear!

Oh Nooooooooooo!
Yippy !!!!!  

High Paws, Mom!

Yikes… what ya got there Doc?
A SHOT ????  Where are you gonna put dat? 

Now that my fection is all better, I had to get my shot(s) AND she put some liquid juice up my nose.   How did she manage to miss my big mouth?   Silly Dogster needs some glasses. 

I gotta get one more shot, next week.   Mom likes to spread my shots out, so they don't knock me out.

I'll bark at ya again soon,
                      Ranger (JPO)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pining Away

First Alana (Mom's niece and my weekend playpal) left, and then, yesterday I pop'd over to Mollie's Blogaversary Pawty and learned dat she has 2 other Boyfurfriends.  Yes… 2 other Boyfurfriends!

No mom….  I'm not hungary.
Maybe I eat later.
I thought dat I was Her One & Only Boyfurfriend.
And….  I thought Easy and Sammy were my pals.   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  

Whats a young southern laddie to do?

Maybe I should arrest all of them for breakin my heart.   I am a Junior Police Officer.
I could charge Mollie with '3-Timing Me' and charge Easy & Sammy with 'Stabbing a Buddy in the Back'.   Dat'll fix dem.
I wonder if Sarge will let me borrow the Blogville police car.

I'll have to think on this some more.   Maybe I should just take a vacation.

Do you ever have girl troubles?


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Playpal

Guess what?

Alana (Mom & Aunty D's niece) visited Me this past weekend.

Meet Alana.
She came to play with ME!!!!!

She visited me last year too (when I was a wee little laddie).

It was love at 1st lick. (a year ago)

This time we got to do lots of 'big boy' stuff.
We watched TV together.  
What can I say… we're both TV junkies.
Maybe she should join my support group.

I also showed her my jumpy things and tunnel.   We had a pawsome great time playing together in my yard.   Oh, oh, oh…. and she gave me lots of yummy treats after I came running out of the tunnel.
Arrrrrrrrrrooooooooo.   Let's go again.
But best of all….
… she gave me lots of love & cuddles.

I hope her Dad brings her come back again really soon.    Oh yeah… did I forget to tell ya dat her Dad came too?   He is pretty cool and has a beard  (like me), but had a sore paw (toe/foot) so I mostly played with Alana.    He did try to teach me a new word.  'Squat'.  Good thing dat Mom straighten'd him out and told him that 'I Don't Do Squat'.  You got dat right Mom!   I only do 'Sit', 'Down', 'Come' (sometimes), and 'Dinnertime'.

I hope y'all had a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat weekend too.

Peeeeeeeees.   This card is for my sweetie, Mollie, who hurt her pretty little paws.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Flashback Fridays (and Fit Dog Friday) - Weight watcher

I see Mom step on this thingy almost every morning, so I decided to check it out.

Oooh…. I gained a 1/2 a pound.  Yippy!  I must be really fit.

                      Baby Ranger

Come on and join me.  

This badge is a baby photo of me with a kitty (not really a kitty… mom puterized it cuz I've never really met one).

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm a junkie

Hello… my name is Ranger and I am a TV commercial junkie.

I just can't get enough of dogs, cats, camels, elephants, and geckos on TV.   I just go crazy.  I hop around and cheer them on.

OMD.  What happened to the sound?
You can't hear me bark'n.  Sigh.

I really wish they would come out and play with me.   Sometimes I even grab a toy and jump up and down in front of the TV to see if they wanta play with it.

I am just being friendly but Mom thinks that I need a TV commercial junkie support group.   Wanta join?   It could be fun!

Pees…  She even had to hang one of my baby blankies on the cabinet door so I wouldn't scratch dem.   Ok… maybe I do need help.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Treats - 'Premium' Yummmmy Fun

Look what I won for pawticipating in Park Day 2.0!

Now I know dat it was awhile ago… but the postman went to the wrong address so it had to get forward to me.
Then, Mom put it away, cuz we had company and guess what?  Today, when she was cleaning for our new company… she found it again.   Sometimes Mom is a bit clueless, but I still luv her.

I wonder what's in my prize package.

I smell somethin good!
It's premium Kong Treats. 

I got me some Kong Dental Treats, 
Kong Chewy Buddies and Kong Chewy Mini Treats. 

Oh, oh, oh….wait just a minute.   Let me get my favorite Kong toy.
Mom…. here it is.
Can we put a treat inside?
Yippy…. it fits !!!!!
Dis is even better than playing with my Kong (one of my favorite toys).  
A Kong with a treat!
Sometimes Mom puts some peanut butter in my Kong toy and I love dat… but these new premium treats are even more fun.

After I played with it for awhile, I got the dental treat out and ate it.   Dis is a great game… can we play again?   Drat… Mom says that I have to pace myself.  Doesn't she understand that puppies only have two paces…. Sleep and full-out Playin.

Thanks again to Finn and Gizmo for hosting Park Day 2.0 AND to KONG Premium Treats.   I can't wait to try all the other treats.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Flashback Friday - Busted

Dis is the first ball I ever busted.
It must be really hard to get a good certified bust-free ball.

I must have busted 87 zillion balls since then.
                  Baby Ranger

Pees… I'm starting Flashback Friday's Blog Hop.   I hope you can join me (if not today), dan maybe in the future.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Handsome

First, the Bad.   I went back to the Dogster, for a re-cky of my badder fection and
I still have a fection.   Sigh.  
She also gave me an xray (my very 1st xray) to make sure I didn't have any stones.   She said it is rare to find any stones in one so young but we ck'd anyways.

Stones?   No way… I left them all in the yard.

No stones.  Phew.    The Dogster sent me home with some new Meds and some healthy urinary track vitamin juice.    I think the Dogster really likes me.. she wants to see me again in 2 weeks.
Drat… my pees shooter is still broken.
The Good.  Mom got me some new food.  The Dogster wants me to have kibble with some duck in it and to mix it with can/wet food (for awhile).   Yippy…. I'm really lovin this new food mixture.  Of course, I like the other stuff too.   Ok… lets be honest… I like ANY food, but this new wet food is soooooo tasty and smelly.   Yummm… some lovin in my tummy.

Now for the Ugly.

Mom wants me to get my hair cut.

She says I'm look'n a bit scraggly.

W-H-A-T ????

I like my beatnik look.   I ask you… don't I look cool?
Maybe I just need to put on my shades and then she will see how cool I look.

Unfortunately, Mom insisted and then Marty (my handsome maker) came over to pick me up.  I get door to door service.

Marty has a really cool black truck.
Just a little off the top, please.

I do love ride'n in her truck.   She rolled down the window so Mom could take my picture.  (Mom… always with that snappy thing wiff her).

So,  off we went to her house for my "spa" time.

Yeah… right.   Who are we kiddin.  Let's be honest… it ain't no stink'n spa.

Lastly… the Handsome.
Handsome make'n is exhausting.  

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