Monday, July 1, 2013

Wacky Holidays in July

Well… its that time again, to research all the Holidays in July.   Here's what I discovered.  Now I haves to decide which ones I want to celebrate.

There are lots of yummy days this month.
I think I'm gonna love July.

1 Canada Day

1 International Joke Day

2 I Forgot Day (what was dat?)

2 World UFO Day (woooo…)

3 Compliment Your Mirror Day (hey good look'n)

3 Disobedience Day (I can do dat)

3 Stay out of the Sun Day

4 Independence Day (U.S.)

4 Sidewalk Egg Frying Day (Hmmmm, I wonder why!?!)

5 Work-a-holics Day - even though everyone is on holiday

6 National Fried Chicken Day (AROOOOOOO….C-H-I-C-K-E-N !!)

7 Chocolate Day  (Mom's favorite day)

7 National Strawberry Sundae Day  (yummmmmmmm)

8 Video Games Day

9 National Sugar Cookie Day  (yummm)

10 Teddy Bear Picnic Day

11 Cheer up the Lonely Day

12 Pecan Pie Day (yummmmmmmm)

13 Embrace Your Geekness Day

14 Bastille Day

14 National Nude Day  (woohoo)

15 Tapioca Pudding Day (yuck)

15 Cow Appreciation Day- Go out and give a cow a hug


17 Peach Ice Cream Day (yummmmmmmm)

17 Yellow Pig Day (did someone say BBQ?)

18 National Caviar Day- something's fishy here   (Calling all Cats!)

19 National Raspberry Cake Day (yummmmmmmm)

20 Moon Day

20 Ugly Truck Day- it's a "guy" thing

21 National Ice Cream Day (yummmmmmmm)

21 National Junk Food Day (yummmmmmmm)

22 Ratcatcher's Day   (Calling all Cats!)

23 National Hot Dog Day (YIPPY !!!)

24 Amelia Earhart Day

24 Cousins Day

25 Threading the Needle Day

26 Aunt and Uncle Day   (Aunty D will love dis one.)

27 Take Your Pants for a Walk Day (??????)

28 National Milk Chocolate Day  (Mom prefers Dark Chocolate.   I don't get to have any chocolate.)

29 National Lasagna Day  (yummmmmmmm)

30 National Cheesecake Day (yummmmmmmm… cheese)

31 Mutt's Day

Since today is Canada Day and Joke Day I thought I'd celebrate both.
Happy Canada Day !!

Here's the Joke part.

After the North American Beer Festival, all the brewery presidents decided to go out for a beer.

The guy from Corona sits down and says, "Hey Senor, I would like the world's best beer, a Corona."
The bartender dusts off a bottle from the shelf and gives it to him.

The guy from Budweiser says, "I'd like the best beer in the world, give me 'The King Of Beers', a Budweiser."
The bartender gives him one.

The guy from Coors says, "I'd like the only beer made with Rocky Mountain spring water, give me a Coors." He gets it.

The guy from Molson sits down and says, "Give me a Coke." The bartender is a little taken aback, but gives him what he ordered. The other brewery presidents look over at him and ask, "Why aren't you drinking a Molson's?" The Molson president replies, "Well, I figured if you guys aren't drinking beer, neither would I.

                     'Mountie' Ranger


  1. Chicken, chocolate and ice - cream days - yep it is going to be a pawsome month to celebrate !!!!!

  2. Can't wait to send Puddle a pecan Pie. You know how she loves those pecans. hehhehe

  3. Happy Canada Day - we look forward to nude day cause we are sure Lady won't dress us up that day! Lee and Phod

  4. Hey Ranger July looks a good month with lots of yummy foodable days. My kind of month. Got to celebrate them all. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. OMD, Momma says we are TOTALLY celebrating Ice Cream Day!

  6. You have junk food day, lasagna day, fried chicken day, strawberry ice cream sundae day, pecan pie day, peach ice cream day, raspberry cake day, cheesecake day, and ice cream day. It's good that July isn't Heart Month. August first should be cardiologists' pay day.

  7. HOT DOG DAY.... YES PLEASE!!!!!!
    Walk your pants day?!?!?!?! What?!?!?!
    Love Milo :)

  8. BOL! This is very good information. Stanley tells many jokes since he is the clown at our house. It is so hot we think today might be the Fry An Egg On The Sidewalk Day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Ambassadors of Love

  9. Those are some nutty holidays
    Benny & Lily

  10. Thanks for the info Ranger. We only gots three we will be doing, of course the 4th with a bang and ice cream, the 15th with our cow buddies behind us and the bestest of all the 31st "Mutts Day"

    The Mad Scots

  11. Momz is all about Chocolate Day and I'm already planning my Disobedience Day activities BOL! Very kewl that you even had a Canada joke!

  12. We will have to remember to celebrate Mutts Day! That one is perfect for us.

    Millie & Walter

  13. Great We love the 'eh'. There are several days we'll celebrate, especially those 'foodie' days.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  14. Looking forward to disobedience day tomorrow!

  15. The Help has a birthday in July, she is very disappointed that it isn't on National Cheesecake day!

  16. Holy Dogs, there are tons of good eating days this month. I am gonna eat my way from fried chicken down to cheesecake. Thanks for the info!!

    Loveys Sasha

  17. Happy Canada Day my Canadian Furends!!
    Those are some PAWSOME holidays Ranger!!
    Can't wait for the foodable ones!
    Ruby ♥

  18. Im with you Ranger. There are some good eatin...days this month!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  19. You are always so very informative Ranger!! Thank you for letting us know! Happy Canada Day! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  20. Loving all the food related celebrations ahead!

  21. We are coming to stay with you from the 28th through the 30th. Hope that won't be an imposition.

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles


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