Thursday, August 27, 2020

A National Dog Day surprise (for me)

OMD...... Look what arrived at my house, yesterday, on National Dog Day !!!!


It was full of my food, treats, and 2 toys (one stuffy and one flying squirrel for outside playtime).     
I love you Chewy.    I wish every day was National Dog Day.

I've been watching Laura on TV and been thinking about all my furfriends in her path.   Thoughts and prayers are wiff y'all.   Stay Safe.  


Pees.... Maybe I'll save dis box.  It would make a grrrrrrrreat evacuation boat, da next time we get a hurricane here in NC.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Happy National Dog Day

Have a GRRRRRRRReat Day !!


Pees.   Sending up prayers for all of dos in da path of Hurricane Laura.   Stay Safe.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Aftermath - Hurricane Isaias

We're all safe here and I'm exhausted.   
Dis Storm Tracker job is no joke.

Isaias came on shore as a Cat 1 Hurricane and the eye of da storm went right over us.   Brunswick County (where we live) was the hardest hit as landfall was in our county.
The strongest wind gust were in our county and dey reported >4.07 inches of rain.   Lots of flooding and even house fires on the coast.
It was out of here by 2am.   A fast moving storm.
Prior to landfall we had about 4 tornado warnings as we were on the Northeast side of the Hurricane (da bad side).   Some of the tornadoes were really close to us butt dey managed to just avoid us.   Mom and Aunty D were very nervous and I did my best to keep dem calm. 
When we were in da "bunker" (our climate controlled storage room wiff no windows) I even managed to sleep.   Mom had moved my bed in dar so I was real comfy.   Mom kept busy playing Online Mahjongg and looking a

Da good news is dat we never loss power (just some light flickers) and our house is not damaged.   Things are always more scary in da dark.

Dis morning, Mom and Aunty D picked up 4 big bags of downed limbs in da front yard.   Dar are a few out back, butt dey will tackle dem another time.   I think they are both really tired and that naps will be called for, today.


Monday, August 3, 2020

Storm Tracker - TS Isaias

"Awww Monday" Blog Hop!
I got my storm tracker gear on and I'm ready for duty.

Here is da current track.   I marked on da map where we live.   Yep..... Wilmington NC and Isaias looks like she is coming to visit.   I love da name "Isaias".   When you bark it out, it just makes you smile.

Dis morning, at 5am, we woke to da weather radio screeching out a a Hurricane Watch.    It has begun.  Arrrggggg.
Right now we are under a Tropical Storm Warning and a Hurricane Watch.   We are already getting some noisy outer bands wiff lots of boomers (that's what Mom calls thunder).  I get scared in thunder so she thinks dat if she call it "boomers" that it will help.   NOT.

We've been through storms like dis before and everyone is different so we'll see what dis one will bring.   I'm just happy dat it is only a TS or Cat 1 hurricane.   Any bigger would be a huge problem because, wiff Covid-19 out of control, they are asking people to only go to shelters as a last resort.   Some of da beaches asked tourist to evacuate.   I say.... go home tourist until we get dis Covid-19 under control.

Well, I'm on duty and will keep y'all posted as long as we've got power.   Apparently we need dat for me to be able to blog.

     Storm Tracker Ranger

Pees..... Stay safe and make sure your peeps wear dar mask.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Da calm before da storm. Waiting on TS Isaias.

Dey call it da "Dog Days of Summer" and it sure has been really HOT outside (wiff heat index over 100 degrees.)  So I've been doing a lot of chilling out in da house.

I have to rest up because tomorrow Tropical Storm Isaias arrives and I'll be on Storm Tracker duty.

We are not evacuating dis time as right now it is only a Tropical Storm.   
Mom and I are hoping dat it is not too bad as I get scared in biggy storms and lightening/thunder.   I also don't like when da weather radio sounds off wiff tornado warnings.   

Hope you and your peeps are all doing well.


Pees.... Mask Up!

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