Sunday, August 2, 2020

Da calm before da storm. Waiting on TS Isaias.

Dey call it da "Dog Days of Summer" and it sure has been really HOT outside (wiff heat index over 100 degrees.)  So I've been doing a lot of chilling out in da house.

I have to rest up because tomorrow Tropical Storm Isaias arrives and I'll be on Storm Tracker duty.

We are not evacuating dis time as right now it is only a Tropical Storm.   
Mom and I are hoping dat it is not too bad as I get scared in biggy storms and lightening/thunder.   I also don't like when da weather radio sounds off wiff tornado warnings.   

Hope you and your peeps are all doing well.


Pees.... Mask Up!


  1. Hey Ranger! Nice to see your handsome face! I hopes that nasty storm stays far away from you, and there are no scary winds/thunder or flooding. You and you peeps stay safe, and cool, and keeps those snooters covered! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  2. You can send somt precipitation here, We haven't had any for a while.

  3. Hey Ranger, good to hear from you.
    Stay safe!
    Toodle pip!

  4. We've had the same nasty hot and humid weather too. Stay safe, Ranger!

  5. We are keeping our paws crossed that the storm move past you quickly.

  6. Hopefully that storm will head out to sea, or at least fizzle out a bit before it hits you. Seems the worst of it missed my Florida associate, Miss Charlee and her peeps in Boca Raton. Stay safe, Ranger!


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