Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Official

My new luv 'Mollie'
It's official, Mollie is my girlfurfriend.

And….  guess what???   Ruby sent Mollie and me a e-card.

CLICK BELOW TO VIEW IT.   You'll lov it!

What do I luvz about Mollie?
  • She has a beautiful silky blonde fur and…….. she is smart to boot
  • She is funny and plays lots games 
  • She is very popular and host all sort of contests
  • She is from the UK and talks with sweet accent
  • She is a professional girl (has a job) and makes and sells really cool bandanas
  • She can BAKE and  makes homemade doggie treats  
  • and… she thinks I'm Dashing’z

Now for some serious business…..
I need some advice.
I'm only 8 months old and Mollie is my 1st real girfurfriend.   I want to be a good boyfurfriend.   Do you have any advice or tips for being a good boyfurfriend?   She is a bit older and more experienced than me and I don't want her to get bored with me.  Ya see… I'm not her first boyfurfriend.



  1. Based on the video and your love for Mollie, I wouldn't go skiing.

  2. We think you are to little to have a girlfriend
    Benny & Lily
    Pee s another small gift is on the way

  3. Just be polite and offer to share your bones and stuff. You don't have to worry because she's so far away!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. whoa! loved the card. We agree with Daisy, Bella & Roxy - just be yourself, but remember to say nice things to her and about her - we're sure Mollie will like that!

  5. Piper used to have a girlfriend and they went to a dance together. We think someone needs to organize another Blogville dance so you can take her on a date!!

    Lilly, Piper, Ivy and The Sweet Buglets

  6. Hi Ranger! I came over from Pet Blogs United. It is nice to meet you. I am not sure your should take on a girlfriend at your young age, though. There is plenty of time for that later.

  7. Ranger, you make me laugh and my heart melts every time I see you. You are the pawfect boyfuriend and I luv'z youz :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. I don't know about dating when so young - but one thing I do know - lavish her with gifties - the gals always love that.

  9. Hi Ranger, Bites here. OK, here goes, just be your Handsome devilish self, talk about nothing but her and send her one of you favorite toys with all your good smells. Works every time buddy, see I got Susie!!!

    You Pal

  10. Just keep being cute, she'll like that!

  11. Dude,

    Who wouldn't want to be your girl, you is one handsome feller!

    Your Buddy,

  12. I am SO glads you liked your card! It was so funs making it for you beautiful pups! Mollie is very lucky to have landed such a handsome fella such as yourself! I thinks the way to her heart is just be your ManJestic self! Well, that and chicken...lots of chicken! BOL


  13. I can't believe I nearly missed this!!
    Maybe make her a nice christmassy card with you on it. And say lots of nice things about her:-)


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