Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Dr. Seuss Day !!!!!!

It's finally here
it's time to play
Post your post
for Dr Seuss Day!

Today there is a very special BLOG HOP at Comedy Plus .
All bloggers are welcome, it's Read Across America Day honoring the wit and wisdom and writings of Dr. Seuss ~ so add your posting for all to see, join the fun!

Now… curious minds wanta know:  
* Who is your favorite character and why? 
* What is your favorite Dr. Seuss booky?

Lorax is my favorite.  All good scotties appreciate a good stash!  

I have learned soooooooo much from reading Dr. Seuss and sometimes I think dat da grown-up humans should re-read his books and re-learn some life lessons.  

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”  (quote from Da Lorax.)

Let's start caring for others instead of tearing each other down.   Just sayin.

Now Join dat Dr. Seuss Blog Hop (see da linky below).


Pees..... Thanks to my Co-Host Timmy of Timmy Tomcat and Emmy of 15andMeowing.   Also biggy thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting da Blog Hop and a BIG BARKOUT to Ann at Zoolatry for organizing dis event.


  1. we love da klorx...he is nearly as wise as da grinch... happy birthday dr. seuss!

  2. Hidey Ho Ranger and big thank you for being one of our hosts with the most!
    The favorite Dr. Seuss book here was probably Hop on Pop...for many reasons. However what stands out most in my mind was a road trip to Disney World with a 4 1/2 year old and a car full of Dr. Seuss books. There was lots of reading on that trip and I declare with every single book that was read it was followed with the age old question "Are we there yet, where is the door to Florida". There was a gleeful celebration when I saw the sign/door Welcome to Florida
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. My favorite story and character is The Grinch. Great post. Emmy had fun co-hosting Dr. Seuss day with you. Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

  4. Great post, Ranger! We love The Cat in the Hat!

  5. Hi Ranger, thanks for being a co host. i agree with you, these books can teach all of lessons. even us old folks. I like that quote from Da Lorax. I had never heard of Seuss until about 5 years ago when this hop was started, but since then i have read lots of quotes but not the books and he was a smart man.

  6. Mew Mew, hello, Ranger! Mom remembers a doggy of your kind that lived in their old neighborhood in WYO Ming. She says he was cute and so are you. I say you look quite sharp wearing that stripey hat, as a matter of fact. And I think that even the Cat in the Hat would agree and jump up in the air with glee. Thanks for cohosting today's event! Winks.

  7. We have to agree, there would be less hate in the world if more people took heed of the life lessons in Dr. Seuss's books!!!

    Have a Seussical Day!
    The LLB Gang

  8. Hi Ranger! We have so enjoyed hopping today! You have been a terrific promoter and host for all the festivities! Who is your favorite character and why? My absolute favorite is Pop in Hop on Pop! (Well actually is is my humans). It is her favorite as it is the FIRST Dr Suess book that she owned! And se read it and read it and read it...
    You are awesome, we hope you have a marvellously Happy Dr Seuss Day!

  9. You have a great post here! Dr Seuss was very wise, and though his books seem simple, they have a lot of good lessons to be learned. Happy Dr Seuss Day!

  10. You are a very wise pup, Ranger. Dr. Seuss would be very grateful to you for spreading his message. And thank you for being a host for this special day.

    Happy Dr. Seuss Day!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. Happy Dr. Seuss Day! We agree that we all should start caring for other more.

  12. OK, we are sure we left a comment here earlier, where did it go? Is that Lorax up to some tricks? And here we were thinking how nice he was with that special quote you shared.

    Thank you for hosting today's special day.

    Happy Dr. Seuss Day!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Happy Dr Seuss Birthday Day. My fav book is The Cat In the Hat

  14. Happy Dr. Seuss Day! I am so happy I was able to be part of this. WHat a wonderful celebration. Thank you for hosting.

  15. Thanks bunches for bein' one of the hosts Ranger! This was super duper funs! AND, I didn't have to put on an ACTUAL hat! BOL!!! ( I hates hats 😉)
    Ruby ♥

  16. The places you will go. Sam from green eggs and ham.
    Happy belated Seuss Day!


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