Saturday, February 20, 2021

Love Your Pet Day

You may not know dis, butt Mom likes to shop and she loves to see packages arrive.   We get lots of boxes, butt I know dat when da blue Chewy Box shows up, dat it's a pressie for me.

OMD..... CHEWY !!!!!!

What did she get for me?

I don't smell any treats.

What is it ???

OMD, it's a New Bed, wiff Memory Foam !!!

I made Mom bribe me (wiff my favorite treats) to get into my new bed.  
I know how to work it !   hehehe

Yep, Mom lovessssss me a whole lotta memory foam.

Now I have 4 beds (some are oldies but goodies).   One in da sunroom, one in da sewing room(dat I rarely use), one in Mom's bedroom and my new Memory Foam bed in da lounging/living room.  
I'm still not sure dat I really like dis memory foam bed, yet.   Have you ever had a memory foam bed?   Did you like it?   Da jury is still out, but while it's under review, I'm sure I'll get a lot of more treats in my trial period.   BOL.

I know what you are thinkin, and your right.   I am spoiled and proud of it.



  1. That sure looks like a cushy bed, Ranger. Your mom sure does love you lots.

  2. If you can't eat it, what good is it?

  3. What a beautiful new bed! Yup, you're loved a whole lot, Ranger!

  4. I love all pillows - especially the one above Mom's head on her bed. Kali sleeps under Dad's, blankets....

    Boy are we spoiled..........

  5. That new bed is fit for a king! And Ranger, you are one lucky king. Who has so many beds to pick from. I hope you keep track of all the special things she buys you from Chewy. You have to do something really special for her on Mother's Day.

  6. What a great bed and wonderful way to celebrate love your pet day.

  7. I had to walk through the snow in the dark to get a package from Chewy the other night. That Fed Ex driver....

    But we just got a really nice Mercedes-Benz memory foam bed a few weeks ago. Our crew isn't crazy about it. But if you end up liking your new bed, I'll tell our crew that you like yours, so maybe they'll like theirs too! 😊

  8. Ranger, your new bed looks pawsome! Our Mom bought Cinnamon a new memory foam bed a month ago, but she (Cinnamon not Mom) won't sleep on it (But us cats will), Cinnamon goes out and sleeps on her old bed in the living room! Mom says she is going to give up and out the old bed back in the bedroom.

    1. I lay in it sometimes (cuz it faces da front door), butt I don't think dat I'll be recommending it.

  9. you will have da sweetest dreams there.. wanna place a bed? :o)


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