Tuesday, February 9, 2021

National Pizza Day

OMD.... according to my Wacky Holiday calendar, today is National Pizza Day!

What's your favorite pizza?

I like pup-eroni pizza wiff a crispy crust.
Da crust is da BEST and one can never go wrong wiff lots of moz cheese.

We need more pizza days.   Just sayin.

Yuuuuuuuummmmm.   Now I'm hungry.

"Alexa... order me a pizza".


Pees.... I had to start moderating my bloggie comments but I will make sure all my furfriends comments are approved. 
I was getting some scammy comments.   Grrrrrrrrr.  


  1. pizza with sardines in oil... if that exists ... happy pizza day to all

  2. Our humam brother is allergic to tomatoes, so Mom now makes pizza with Pesto! We LOVE all pizza now! Tonight we are having Greek Pizza with Feta and real deaded shrimp! Mom will even leave the red onions off a spot so us (and the hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon) can have some. You are awesome, have an amazing day!

  3. Wow! Pizza!! I love any kind of pizza! But my ghostwriter didn't get the memo, because she just made a pot of soup. Well, I guess that's still OK. At least I'll get the soup bone!

  4. We like any kind of pizza as long as we get the pizza bones.

  5. Love your pizza hat, Ranger! We'll take any pizza that's offered to us! We love it all!

  6. Scammy comments? You found me out.

  7. I loooooooves me some pizza!!! I likes to make it myself with some possum and squirrel, butts if Ma is eatin' (for some reason, she doesn't likes my taste of toppings! sigh), then I gets pizza bones! Yummers!
    I thinks EVERYDAY should be pizza day! (and margarita day.....)
    Ruby ♥

  8. pees: sorry abouts the nasty spammer! 🤬🤬

  9. Well I don't eat pizza myself but I always like SMELLING it when Mom and Dad have pizza.

    Hugs, Teddy


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