Thursday, October 11, 2012

My New Green Friend

All is forgiven after my Bad Day.  

Thanks to all my furfriends, I used some of your tips and look what I got.       


A New Toy !!
All that lov'n mom, lick'n her toes, and just look'n real cute…  really works!   I see I can learn a lot for y'all.

I'm not really sure what my new green friend is, but its head pulls out which makes it really good for play tug-a-war.   If you pull its tail… his head shrinks back into his neck.

He also has squeakers in each of his paws.   Don't you just love squeakers?

I just love my new Toy.
I wonder what I should call him/she.   Any ideas?

Chow for now.   I have to go and be good.
Ranger (a pounc'n fool)


  1. Hey Ranger, I am glad everything worked out alright for you. If you can't think of a name for your new toy (and yes, I love squeakers best!) just call him Buddy, that always works.

    Your pal,

  2. Oh, I am sooooo glad the cuteness worked Ranger!! Always does!!
    I just loves your new toy! Oh, squeakers are my FAVORITE!!! The louder and more annoying the better!! Well, if you can't think of a name, I think 'Kermit' fits.
    Happy squeakin'!



  3. Looks like you're getting the 'cute' technique down perfectly. We don't know what that thing is either, but we bet you'll have lots of fun together.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. That is a pawsome new toy Ranger - you lucky pup! Sammy & I examined your photos and we have concluded...that we have NO IDEA what it is *BOL*

    Have a grrreat weekend!
    Wally & Sammy

  5. Wow, Ranger, that sure is GREEN. You won't misplace that little beauty. Here's a couple of name ideas: Kermit, Greeny, Beany (like in green beans). And keep up doing the cute bit - it's obviously working!

  6. That is a cool looking new friend. I am glad the toe licking worked. It is a sure thing here too!

  7. Love your new friend, Ranger - how about Greenie Guy? We have Fuzzy Man, Giraffey, New Fuzzy Man (the old one turned into nothing but a piece of rope) . . . Good to know you have redeemed yourself.

  8. Ranger: I'm so happy that your Mom forgave you. That's what my Mommy had to do when I chewed up too many things to mention. After all, we are more important than "stuff". Your friend, Maggie

  9. Whatever you call 'it' I think 'its' a whole heck of a lot of fun!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  10. That looks like an pawesome toy.
    Name-wise how about George? Whatever you choose, enjoy!


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