Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm back from Doggie Day Camp

Youz guys were right!   Mom went to Cape Cod and I went to Doggie Day Camp for the week.

When Mom checked on me mid-week, they told her that "Ranger is doing wonderfully!  He has lots of friends and is eating and playing perfectly."   Did you catch that?   "Perfectly".  I am just sooooooo good.

I had a great time and made lots of new furfriends.   I also have a new girl furfriend.   She is a cute 5 month old Westie puppy and she has beautiful white fur.  I just may be in Luvvvvv.   We had loads of fun playing together.   I am now 7 months old, so I was able to teach her lots of new things.   I tried to teach her "Down" (you know I'm really good at that) but she isn't too good at it and needs lots of practice.  Mom says that maybe she just pretended not to know how to do "Down" so that I would give her lots of help and attention.   Go figure.  I guess I still have lots to learn about girl furfriends.    
I'm not going to tell you her name as I don't want any competition.   I already lost one sweety to Bites.

Mom said that she saw a little beach cottage (on Cape Cod) that she thinks my old girl furfriend "Susie" might stay in during the summer.   It is right on the bay and had great beach views.
I love the beach!  Maybe Bites wouldn't mind if I came to vacation with them sometime.  I don't take up much room and it looks like we could all fit (no problem).   Now that I have a new girl furfriend, we can all be BPPs.

Arooooooooooo.    Look what Mom brought, from Cape Cod,  for me. 
She says it's called a "Lobster".
I might just have to pounce on this lobster thing.

Cool.  It is yellow on the other side.

Well, I'm kinda running out of steam now.
Doggie Day Camp is fun… but a bit tiring.  
Ya see, I played soooooo much that I didn't manage to get all my naps in.

                                                Maybe I can keep my eyes open a little longer.

          Ranger (one perfectly sleepy pup)


  1. its sooo sweet that you have a girlfriend!! Hope it works out for you.
    Also love your lobster! Have fun!

  2. Oh Ranger, my compawter haz been down all day..I haven't read your post yet ( will pop by tomorrow, as it'z 10 in UK ) Just wanted to say, love'z you, will spook you'z Monday ( so wez wil sort your photo tomoorowz) Been a weal cwap day..nearly lost all'z our blog. :( xx00xx

  3. Welcome home Ranger! I love your new pressie! A lobster is way fun! Hope you and the peeps get to spend some quality time together now too :)

  4. It's a Lobster toy, friend, and pillow. Awesome gift from the Seaside.

  5. Oh my secret little lover boy has found his own true love! I am so happy for you Ranger, and Bites says all is ok with him and hope your new found love works out for you, nothing better then a gal to keep a guy in line. Yeap, you can use the Petunia house any time BPP, now off to nappie poo ville little sweetie.

    Lovs ya
    Susie & Bites

  6. We didn't even know scotties could behave perfectly. Are you sure that's what they said?

    We don't think we'll ever get to go to a REAL beach...BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy

  7. Oh welcome home Ranger!! It wasnt the same without you. Yah a girlfriend. Did you bring home any pics to show us??

    Jazzi and Addi

  8. Oh, Ranger, that is soooo cool that you have a girl furiend!! Sounds like a keeper! Did you say 'perfectly'???? Really? I didn't know us terriers could act 'perfectly'!! BOL You are truly an amazin' pup!



    pees: LOVE the lobster!

  9. She probably meant that you were a perfect Scottie, which is a whole different thing, don't you think?

    Glad Mom's home, you got a girl friend and a good new toy. You are all set!


  10. Youz on....Your a star Ranger..bit of a scarey one..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie


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