Friday, May 18, 2012

My Crib and "I Spy" Ranger

How about a tour of my crib?   Here is my puppy play pen.  I can play in it, hide my chew sticks under the throws, and nap in it.  It's a "bark'n" good space don't you think?

I really love it when Mom leaves the door open and I can run in and out of it.

I also have a big crate with a cover on it that Mom made and she monogram'd my name on top.  Mom leaves the door open on it and sometimes I find some treats inside it, so I look in there often.   The little crate on top is my travel carrier.   I really hate that one.  

How about a game?   Let's play "I Spy Ranger"!   
Can you find me? 

Woof! Woof!  Here I am….
I really like the cool slate on my belly.

I'll bark @ you tomorrow.  
This blogging is hard work.

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