Monday, May 14, 2012

Vets, Flip-flops, and Racing

I had a very busy day today.   It started with a drive in the zoom-zoom car to the vet.  Mom put me in a puppy dog carrier and I just hated it.   I yelled & whimpered the entire 5 min drive to the Vet.    Whew... I finally got out of that crate.    Mom carried me into the Vets office and I was a big hit!   Everyone ooooooo'd and aweeeeeeee'd over me.    I loved all the attention but Mom thinks it went to my head as I was full of myself for the rest of the day.   The nice lady Vet said I was perfect and in great health.  She tried to give me some wet chicken dog food to distract me while she pricked me (got a shot).   Well, it did not work since I did not like the food.    The Vet assistant also cleaned my ears and I had to shake my head lot to get all the wet feeling out of my ears.   I also got my 1st pedicure.  Clip-clip.

After we got back home I had some fun in the back yard.  I discovered flip-flops!   Mom slipped them off her feet and I took one of them and ran with it.   Fun.. fun.   Later in the day when we were outside again, I tried to take it off her foot but grabbed her toe instead.  That got a loud NO from Mom.     I guess she doesn't like the "bit the toes" game.
Mom and Aunty D ate dinner outside while I played with my buddy Rocky.   I was full of energy and raced in circles around him.  I kept trying to get him to play with me and even barked at him.   He just ignored me and walked off.    So... I explored some more grass, twigs, and tried my paws at digging in the dirt.  Did I tell you that I am really FAST.   You should see me run.   I am soooooooo much faster than Mom or Aunty.   

This evening I raced around the living room and tried to get Rocky to play with me.  Again he just walked off.   He isssssss kinda old and walks slowly.   He is not fast like me!  

After such an active day.... I am exhausted.    I may even sleep good tonight and not get Mom or Aunty D up ever couple of hours.

Chow for now.


  1. Ranger- here's footwear for your mom so you can conquer 2 desires with one nibble- toes and shoes at the same time...


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