Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Great Escape, The Voice, and Dirt

This morning at 6 AM, when I was out in the yard with Aunty D, I decide to slip under the fence and check out the neighbors yard.   Aunty D ran to the gate and into the other yard and clapped her hand and called me to her.

Before the Great Escape

After the Great Escape


This afternoon when I was playing in the yard, I noticed that it looks a little different now.  I guess Mom went to Lowes.

Later in the morning I tried again to get Rocky to play with me.  He was laying in his bed so I barked at him.  And then I barked, backup up a few paces and barked again, and again, and again.   He got up out of his bed.  Yippy!!!!   An then he walked away from me.   Maybe he will play with me tomorrow.

This afternoon, in the yard, I decided to dig in the dirt next to the patio.  Mom and Aunty D moved me away... but I returned to my digging and then laid down in my little dirt space.       
My perfect dirty spot.  
Me and my dirty face & paws.

Mom says I have a dirty face but she loves me anyways.

I'm all worn out again so I think I'll take a nap.

Dirty barky chow for now!


  1. Precious puppy! So sorry to hear about MacGuyver, but I know you are enjoying the new little guy!

  2. Ranger just wanted to introduce his own Fitness Program to the household!! I am sure your hearts were racing Glad he is settling in and getting used to the family !!


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