Saturday, May 12, 2012

My new pad and family.

Yum... grass!

What was that flash?

My new adopted mom picked me up today.   She has a cool white car and I got to ride in the front.  Zoom zoom.    I am told it was a 2 hr ride but I sleep through most of it after I finally got comfortable.   After we arrived at my new house I went out to the back yard to explore.  I also met my new buddy.  His name is Rocky and he is oldddddddd.  He is a beagle/terrier mix and is 18 1/2 yrs old.   Wow.   He has a really cool long tail and I followed it for awhile.   I also tried to taste of few things in the yard.  I think I like the grass the best.   Mom kept flashing a light at me.   Kinda annoying but I guess that's what she does since she is a photographer.   Well... it time for another nap.  Chow.


  1. Ranger so good to see you settling in with Mom, your Auntie and Rocky!! I know you will enjoy your new place !

  2. Sooooo adorable, Ranger!!! Can't wait to watch you grow up, on your blog!

  3. I'm so glad Ranger's settling in well. He is so HANDSOME :D :D


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