Friday, May 25, 2012

Making a Fashion Statement

Mom got me some new duds today.   It's a green harness with lady bugs on it.  
How do I look?
I'm not quite sure of this new harness thing.   I dragged the green leash that was attached to it around for awhile.
I really don't get this new leash toy.  Some of my other toys are more fun.
Having it on made me want to roll over a lot.    I thought I could get if off me if I rolled over, but no such luck.
Check out my Pearly Whites! 
Don't I have a cute belly?   The vet lady said it was really soft.
Not sure I'll be able to rock this new look.   Maybe Tim Gunn can make it work.  Lucky for me, Mom did not make me wear it very long.     I think I like going al la naked better.

Woof Woof… freedom!

1 comment:

  1. Ranger, you are so handsome in your new duds!!


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