Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nips and Treats-in-a-Box

I like to chew and nibble on all things.   Mom has lots of stuff for me to chew on and play with but sometimes when I am excited and full of energy I nip at her feet or hand.   "Ouch!" she shouts.   Not sure what that means, but she always follows it with a "NO" and then I end up in time out.  

Aunty D and Mom both have little sticky things on them to cover up where I nip'd them.   I guess I shouldn't nip at them but sometimes I just can't help myself.

This morning Mom gave me a new box to play with.  
I wonder what is in here.
 She frequently puts treats in little boxes.  Yippy!!
Now all I have to do is get the treat out it out of the box.

Oops… it's stuck on my nose.

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