Monday, May 21, 2012

Chilling on the Porch

Woof Woof!  I'm back.   Mom would not let me blog on Sunday but today is not Sunday.

A Room with a View
I got to hang out on the back porch today.

I like looking out the windows/screens as they go all the way down to the floor (right at my level).   Sometimes I can see Rocky walking around in the yard and one time I saw a bird.  Cool.
The floor is shinny and feels really cool on my belly.    I played with some of my toys and chilled out.

I really like this room.  It may even be one of my favorite hang out places.      Mom frequently sits at the little table in this room and eats lunch and types on the computer.  She really hogs the computer.  I have to wait for her to get off before I can start blogging.   

I can even look into the house to see if anything exciting in going on in there.  Sweeeet ! I get very excited when I see Rocky walk by.

I spy Rocky in the house
Gotta go into the house now.  Mom says it's time for dinner (another one of my favorite things)!    She does not like me nipping at her toes so I guess I should just eat my food.


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