Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flowers, Balls, and Paula Dean

 The ground was wet when I went outside today but that did not stop me from smelling and tasting the yellow flowers in the yard.
Doesn't taste or smell so good but it is pretty.  

Now what do we have here? I kept my eye on a round purple thing that Mom kept kicking around.   She called it a ball.    

It is interesting.  I was a bit afraid of it so I kept barking at it but it did not respond.  Hummm.  I'll have to do some further investigating.

I also checked out a bush that had purple flowers on it.  Mom said that it was Aunty D's butterfly bush and that I should not try to eat the flowers off.   I'm not sure what a butterfly is, but it must be good and someone named Paula Dean probably likes it.   I heard her on the talk box yesterday.

Chow for now.    

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