Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1st Day of School

Yesterday was a big day for me.   I started Star Puppy Obedience School @ Einstein K9.  I get to go to class for 1 hr a week for 6 weeks.

Here I am, already to go to school.   Mom has packed my bag with yummy treats, my favorite toy (a blue squeaky squirrel), and some water.
There are 7 other puppies in my class.   I am one of the youngest in class as I am only 4 months old.    Some of them are very tall.   There is a Dominion Pincher, 2 German Shepard's (brother & sister), a very tall curly haired dog that jumped around a lot.   There are also a few dogs that are small like me.  One white fluffy dog, and two small black dogs.  I don't know all their names yet.

Mom and Aunty D said I did great in class.   We practiced SIT, ALL DONE (release), HEAL, and how to great people. 
Look at how good I sit !!
Sitting is easy.  I do not have far to go.  It's more work for the big puppies. 

I was one of the best behaved puppies in class and got to eat so many treats that I did not need to eat lunch.   School is very yummy.

Mom says I have homework to do before my next class, but I get to have more yummy treats when I do my homework.

I think I may like homework!

Chow for now.


  1. Ranger: I'm sure you are going to graduate at the top of your class. Maggie sends her aaarrroooooossss!

  2. With treats like that I would like homework too.


  3. Was class fun? My human is looking for a class to take me to.

    1. I was a little anxious when I saw all the big puppies but I struck my firm pose and then spent most of the time looking at Mom. It was a yummy good time. I think I will enjoy school. Lots to get used to the 1st time.


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