Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to School Tuesdays

Today I went back to school.     I was a little more frisky in class today.   I did really good with my "Sit" and "Heel".   Some of the other tall puppies were the stars at Heeling.
Are you taking my picture again?   Please…. I need to focus.   I'm trying to "Sit" here.

Meet my classmates.
My teacher and her Doby show us how to do things.  Doby is really really smart (and tall).  
In the corner is a 1 yr old white fluffy puppy who is always ready to take on the big dogs.  She is crazy brave.
This is Zena (a Doberman puppy) with her family.  She has a really short tail and does "Heel" really good.

This is a very tall Goldendoodle.   Her name is Hallie and  she loves people and is a very good jumper.

This is our "people shy" puppy.  She is a cute little Shih Tzu puppy.   I don't remember her name as she was kinda afraid of all of us.  
This is Amber.  She is a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy and was visiting our class today.   She is really soft and friendly.   I wish she could come to our class all the time.
The German Shepard (brother & sister) puppies did not come to school today.   I hope they do not get into too much trouble for cutting class.

Can we go back to "Touch"?

Today we learn "Touch" and "Wait".  I like "Touch" and got lots of yummy treats for just touching Mom's hand with my nose.  Her hands smell like cookies.

Now "Wait" is another story.  My teacher put some treats in a little bowl and told me to "Wait".  She then tried to put the bowl down for me to eat but every time I made a move to the bowl she pulled it away.   What's that all about?    I really don't get this whole "Wait" game.

Mom says we have lots of homework to do and have to play the "Wait" game some more.

After class I visited Aunty D's workplace again so I could meet Sarah & John and the Office Pups at the Sew Happins Bernina shop.   I'll blog about that visit tomorrow.  I'm kinda tired right now after all today's adventures.
I'll Bark at you tomorrow!

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  1. Aww man, you're learning heaps of cool tricks at your school! I really should hurry my human into starting me in one...


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