Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jolly Distractions

I was a maniac in school today!  

I just couldn't help myself.

You see, our teacher was out sick today so her husband came in to teach the class.   I was very excited when I saw him and heard him talk to me.  He is a very jolly man and has a really cool deep voice.   I just couldn't take my eyes off of him.

Now, I know I was supposed to pay attention to Mom, but I see her all the time and sometimes she is kinda boring.

When he said "Ranger Come", I ran right to him.   When Mom said "Ranger Come", I kinda ignored her and just sat there looking up at Mr. Teacher.

Did I tell you about his treats?   Mr. Teacher had really yummy treats.   And……… they are much bigger than what Mom gives me.   Mom only gives me little treats.

So…….  needless to say, I was not the Star Puppy in class today.    I did do really good when Mom blew the whistle.   That sure got my attention and I ran right to her.

I know that Mom was not happy that I snubbed her today.  But, all the words that Mom has previously taught me, just flew out of my head.
I still Love You Mom. 
Mom says that we have to do a lot more training before we go to class next week.

I'm kinda tired after all that playing with Mr. Teacher.   I think I'll take a nap now.

I really hope Mr. Teacher comes back again next week with his yummy treats.

Chow for now!


  1. Hand in there Ranger, all will be forgiven, it just takes time!

    Susie & Bites

  2. Hi Ranger, just take it easy, there's a time for

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    Dog Carriers

  3. Sounds like you were a bit of a rascal!! Teehee!

  4. A Maniac? Ranger you gave me a chuckle. You sound like a gem and I love reading your blog.


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