Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Streets lined with Flags

Mom is now training me to walk on a leash.   We usually go out in the morning before it gets too HOT.   I'm not too good with this leash thing.   I often just sit there or roll over on my back in hopes that Mom will take it off.   No such luck.

This morning I saw lots of red, white, and blue flappy things on my walk.   Mom says they are flags and that tomorrow is a Holiday.
Yippy !!!!    I love Holidays !!!!
Later today I also have to go back to the see the nice vet doctor.   I have to get one more shot and she will also check out my ears to see if they are all better.   I really hope they are all better as I really hate it when Mom cleans my ears every morning.  I'll get to ride in the zoom-zoom car again.  I am starting to like riding in the car. 

I'll bark at you tomorrow and you can see my holiday photos !!!!    
Don't miss it.  They are woofing good. 

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