Saturday, July 14, 2012

Busted !!!

Playing ball is one of the most fun things to do.   Well… maybe eating dinner is better.  I do like to eat dinner and all those yummy training treats.   But playing ball is lots of fun. Aunty D plays ball really good.   She makes it lots of fun and gets all excited when I chase the ball.
Me and my favorite purple ball.

Today, while  I was chasing my purple ball, I clamped down on it and POW!
Oh my…. my purple ball popped.  Wow.   That was a surprise.

I may actually like it better this way.   I can really run fast with it in my mouth now.

Yumm.   I like chewing on my ball.
Arrrrrrrrrrroooooo.   Mom took my busted ball and put it on the table.   I can't get to it now.  I guess I wasn't supposed to try to eat the ball.
Whimper...  Whine…  Sigh…    I want my ball back.

I really miss my purple ball.   Now what am I going to do?     

Later in the day, Mom came back from the store and Alana (my BPP) came outside and threw me a new ball.   Yippy !!!!    
Orange is tail-wagg'in cool.  Don't you think?
I may even like this one better.

Gotta go chase my new ball now.


  1. Oh joy! A Scottie can never have too many balls, especially pretty ones.

  2. I was just gonna say, you can take a bite outta that ball and then I read that you did. BOL True, it is more fun to play with flat anyways

    p.s. can you take the word verification off? It is really hard for us to read it, Thanks bunches

    1. Where is the word verification on my blog? I am at a loss at what you are referencing.
      wags back,

  3. Orange is the big color this season! You must take after me because I eat all my balls too, even the black Kong ones!

    Uncle Arlo

  4. I just happen to be a ball guy myself. I tried eating it once, but it led to some digestive issues I can't discuss in public! So glad you got a new orange ball. Yay you!


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