Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My new Bernina BPPs

Yippy !!!!!!!   We went back to Sew Happins Bernina shop and I finally got to meet Sarah and John.   They are real tail-waggers and I shared my puppy breath and gave them some wet kisses.

Sarah gave me lots of love' n.

John and I had lots of laughs together.

What's that I hear?       I hear some dogs whimpering.  
Yippy!!!!     The Office Pups are here today too.
I can't wait to meet Kayla and Bailey.
Sarah, my new BPP (Best Puppy Pal), introduced us.
Whooooo.   They are big.
Are you Kayla or Bailey?
  Arrrrrrrooooooo…. she is whispering sweet nothings in my ear.  I wonder is she is a cougar.  
Will you be my BPG (Best Puppy Gal)?

John thinks that if I was taller, I might have a chance.  They both have lots of play pals.  
We did have fun running around in John's office.   I'm really good at chase since I am small and fast.
See how fast I am?

Bailey (CEO) and Kayla (COO) must be really smart since they run the office.   
I can't count yet, but maybe I can learn that in puppy school and then I can help Kayla and Bailey out. 

Chow for now.   I'll bark at you again, soon.

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  1. I bet you'd be great at running a business when you're all growned up!


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