Monday, July 23, 2012

Splish! Splash!

It is HOT outside.
This afternoon when I went into the yard, I spied a big blue water bowl.   Mom says it's a pool.
Hummmmm.    I spy one of my ball over there.

WooHoo!   There are more balls in there.

Aunty D picked me up and put me in the pool.
Yummmmm.   Tasty.   I was getting thirsty.
Got it.  I love football!

I splashed around in the water for awhile and played with my balls.   Some of the new balls are real soft and when I chomp down on them, I get more water in my mouth.  Sweeeeeeet!

I also like this new ball.  It floats around in the water.  Cool!

All done playing in the pool.
 I'm out of there!!!!!
That was fun.   My new pool is tail-waggin cool.

I have to get dry now.
Aweeeeeeeeeeee.   All wrapped up in a towel. 
Stay cool.  Chow.


  1. Aww, Ranger that looks like fun! I can't wait for summer time fun!

  2. Great Ranger, we got one also, Dad keeps it filled and it is out in theafternoon shade, perfect for getting a large drink.

    Susie & Sidebite

    Pees; Work on getting rid of the word verification thingy, everybody hates it, and lots of bloggers are not commenting on site withit, its hard to get it right sometimes. change your setting to accepting comment after you review them, Thanks

    1. Thanks for the info on verification. I think I fixed the problem. Chow. Ranger's Mom.

  3. Loved watching Ranger in his new pool. Wish the pool was bigger for me too.

  4. Hi Ranger., looks that you had lot of fun., its rainy season here that's why I can't go to the pool and take some swimming...

    Dog Fence
    Dog Gate

  5. Ranger: I bought a pool like that for my Maggie. She wouldn't have anything to do with it. You are much smarter.


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