Friday, April 11, 2014

In Search of the EB

Have you heard?  Oh my… dis is really Big News.

There is a magical bunny dat hops around and brings everybody candy and eggs.    Isn't dat just super duper pawsome?   Oh.. oh.. oh..  and his name is Easter Bunny.

So now I gots me a new mission.
Da Mission:   To search out and meet da Easter Bunny.

I'm on alert now and I'm gonna keep my ears up as I search out the Bunny on my walk-a-bouts.  I just know dat I'll find him in my hood.

Bugs….  it's not him.

Look, look… over dar.  Maybe dat's him.  Come on Mom, we gotta cross da street.   Move-it Mom!  I don't wanta lose him.

Hello… are you da Easter Bunny?
Not I.   I'm Harvey.
Wanta play chase wiff me?
I haven't got time to chase you today.   I'm on a Mission.

I'll just have to keep lookin.
Da search continues ……………………….

Pees…..  Have you ever met da Easter Bunny?   What does he look like?


  1. We heard rumors that the only thing you ever see is his little white cotton tail.....he's magical you know

  2. We agree with Reilly a cotton tail is all we may see. Ranger you may just be the first dog to really see him. Good luck. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. OMD Ranger.... this will be FUN... Trying to find the REAL Easter Bunny!!! We will get started on the BIG HUNT.

    We have heard that if you can GRAB is TAIL and put some of his Furs Under your Blankies... you will get DOUBLE the thingys in your Baskets.

  4. I only met a bunny named Bugs and one named Roger Rabbit. No easter bunny in sight..... I hope we will find that guy, imagine we would get no treats and toys this year... that would be bad...

  5. Are they imposters or the real thing?
    Lily & Edward

  6. WELL if he is anything like Santy Claus Gussie will search him out until he needs a no contact order.
    stella rose

  7. EB is in my back yard. It seems as though everybunny in the world is in my back yard.

    1. Oh, oh, oh……. is one of dem names Easter?

  8. Well Ranger, I did see the Easter Bunny once hiding eggs for my looked a lot like my Mom in her pajamas but I wouldn't swear to it.

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. I are pretty sure da Easter Bunny lives in our front yard - he are a cottontail dude - pretty big too!

  10. I have never met him... Hope you can catch him!

  11. Count me in! I think I might have seen him but he hopped away so fast and I was too startled to ask his name. We have lots of bunny bon-bons in our front yard if you want some...they are delicious!

  12. We will be checking for him here! Will keep you all posted.
    Mazie, Abbe & Anne

  13. We've never met the EB either...butt Detective Wallace (African Division) is on the JOB! We'll let you know if we have any sightings.
    Wally & Sammy

  14. I hope the easter bunny isn't like Santy Claus and you aren't supposed to see him because that could mean no goodies for you!!


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