Thursday, April 17, 2014

Following da Dots

Oh, oh, oh…. I'm gettin close.
Eggs in a row.

Just look what I found today.
I think dat da Easter Bunny helpers left dem for me.

You know how Santa has elves… well I just discovered dat the EB has Polka Dot bunny helpers.   Dar job is to decorate all the Easter eggs.

Dar dey are up ahead.   Bunnies in a row.
Hummm… dat gives me an idea.   If I follow da EB helpers, dey can lead me right to the great Easter Bunny.
Another disguise…and another step closer to finding da Easter Bunny.

Wait! Wait!  What da Bunny?


What's Squirrel doing here in a bunny disguise?
Does he really think he's gonna steal my act?  

I'm gonna have to put a stop to dis RIGHT NOW!  
He needs to get his sorry butt back up a tree or he's gonna lose his tail.  I'm mean, I look more like a bunny dan he does.  Right?

Gotta run and tree a pest now ….


  1. Absolutely Ranger, you're right. It's a super idea to wear a coat with dots and those ears. Now you are an undercover-bunny and with an additional pair of ears you can find the ONE AND REAL EASTER BUNNY. Please give me a sign when you found the treasure card of the easter bunny, I have no clue where he will hide my easter basket this year.

  2. just a couple more days - we hope you get to see him - we hear he is pretty ellusive

  3. Good luck undercover Bunny hunter. You should be able to find him soon now we think Ranger. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Watch out Ranger there are Foolers everywhere.
    stella rose

  5. OMD, don't let that sneaky squirrel find EB!! He could ruin Easter!

  6. Are the tree rats related to the bunny?
    Lily & Edward

  7. OMD YESSsssssssssssss Ranger.... stick his sorry butt BACK UP THAT TREE... Instantly!! The NERVE of him to try to ImPAWsonate the REAL Easter Bunny. We are workin on finding the real one fur you too... Keep watchin our posts... We have some PAWsibilities ..... LINED UP fur you.

  8. We did not know about the polka dot bunny helpers! We will watch for them!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Nope, the s-word wins the EB look alike contest.

  10. I had no idea the EB had helpers!! Wows, you learn somethin' new every day! I do thinks it's a good disguise Ranger....I thinks you'll fit right in!
    Nows about that tree rat...
    Ruby ♥

  11. Whos doing all that talking, all we see is bunnies,.....hey, what do you guys do with Ranger,....THIS IS HIS BLOG!

  12. You are much cuter than the squirrel. We love your purple cape.

  13. Good idea to follow EB's helpers.....surely they will lead you to THE MAN himself!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  14. BOL! A squirrel disguised as a bunny. What a dopey squirrel! Doesn't he know we terriers love to chase bunnies too. Only a few more days until the Easter Bunny, Ranger. I hope you get lots of treats.

  15. That silly tree rat has a tail as long as its body and stubby ears...there's no way it'll fool the EB! I think you are on the right track!


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