Thursday, October 11, 2018

Da Wind in my Furs - Michael

TS Michael has arrived and we're getting bands of rain and lots of wind.  

I kinda like da wind blowing through my furs.... it's wet paws dat I'm not too fond of.

We're all praying dat everyone's roof tarps hold and dat da trees weakened by Florence do not topple.   Some power outages nearby, butt we still have power (so far.. so good).

We have a Tornado Watch.  I like me some wind, but not a tornado.  We're on da east side of the storm and dat's the side dat gets da most tornados.

Here are da weather Alerts in my area:

Sending huge paw prays to all dos affected by Florence & Michael.

Stay strong y'all.



  1. we cross all paws and fingers for you and your friends in your hood... we hope no one gets lost or hurt and there is no hard damage...

  2. We are hoping and praying you and your neighbors will be all right.

  3. I've got family in the Carolinas. I hope they haven't been blown away. You stay safe.

  4. Wind in your beard is beautiful, but no Scottie likes wet paws.

    Our Tropical Rosa left a lot of puddles so we couldn't take our morning walks, but now we have two rooms with bad water leaks dropping from ceiling. Roofer gave us temporary fix, but like you, we really don't want any more of our needed water right now

    Our wishes for your area to have no more damage.

  5. Stay safe Ranger. we have our paws crossed!
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. Dearest Ranger, do take careful sweet fella and peeps Paws crossed this nasty storm leaves you safe and well We are thinking about you over here and send our best wishes
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. We are ready for hurricane season to be over! We are sad hearing about the damage they are doing. Floreance caused 6 tornados in our area and killed one and left thousands homeless. Sigh.

  8. Watch out for those tornadoes, Ranger. It can pick you up and drop you in another city. Just ask Dorothy and her dog Toto.

    BTW, you look dashing with your hair blowing in the wind like that. :)

  9. Stopping by to say hi. That looks so windy with your fur flying around.

  10. That wind is sure blowing hard. It has your fur flying all over the place. We hope everyone was ok after the storm passed. Thanks for the share. Have a great weekend.
    World of Animals

  11. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.
    Bentley & Mom

  12. Hope all is well with you and your family at this holiday time. Just wanted to Wish you a Merry Christmas.


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