Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wacky Holidays coming in June

It's dat time again to look ahead at all da fun things to celebrate in June, so I got on my yaptop and googled up da list.   Here it is:

June, 2015 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

1 Dare Day  (Fun !!!)

2 National Bubba Day
2 National Rocky Road Day

3 Repeat Day (I said "Repeat Day")

4 Applesauce Cake Day
4 Hug Your Cat Day  (Dis one is for Madi & Sammy)

5 National Doughnut Day  (Arrrrrrrrrrroooooooooo !)
5 World Environment Day

6 National Gardening Exercise Day- Get out and exercise with your plants.
6 National Trails Day   (Reilly and Denny will love dis one.   They are always out on the trails).
6 National Yo-Yo Day

7 National Chocolate Ice Cream Day    (Drat.... Mom won't let me eat chocolate)

8 Best Friends Day   (Nice !)

9 Donald Duck Day   (Cool !)

10 Iced Tea Day

11 National Corn on the Cob Day

12 Red Rose Day

13 Sewing Machine Day  (Aunty D will love dis one.)

14 Flag Day

15 Smile Power Day

16 Fresh Veggies Day

17 Eat Your Vegetables Day (I like carrots and lettuce.)

18 Go Fishing Day
18 International Picnic Day  (Sounds like FUN!)

19 World Sauntering Day

20 Ice Cream Soda Day   (yummmmmmm)
20 National Hollerin' Contest Day (I think dis one should be renamed to National Barkin Contest Day)
20 World Juggler's Day

21 Father's Day
21 Go Skate Day (I'm down for dis one!)
21 Summer Solstice

22 National Chocolate Eclair Day

23 National Pink Day (Dory will love dis one!)

24 Swim a Lap Day

25 Log Cabin Day
25 National Catfish Day

26 Groomer's /Fur StealersDay   (WHAT ????   I don't thinks so.)
26 Take Your Dog to Work Day (Yippy !)

27 Sun Glasses Day

28 Paul Bunyan Day

29 Camera Day
29 Hug Holiday  (Awe.......)
29 Waffle Iron Day

30 Meteor Day

Feel free to grab any of these days for posties or for events/blog hops dat you might wanta host.   Have fun! 

For other fun events, check out our Blogville Calendar.



  1. Finally a day I can call my own. The sixth is MINE. Yo-yo day!!

  2. Oh, some good ones in June too! Thanks Ranger!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Fur Stealers Day???? NO WAY... BUTT the 27th... SUNNY GLASSES DAY.... THAT is OUR KINDA DAY.... we should ALL jump on THAT ONE...

  4. OMD...I may have to run out and get a new dress for National Pink Day!! Thanks for the great list Ranger!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. So many fun things for June! My Gotcha Day is June 15th...which is also Smile Power day? Coincidence?! Mom thinks not! BOL

  6. Lots of great days in June, including my birthday!! :-)

  7. Crikey ...... Donald duck day!!! Sounds wacky. AND sunny glasses day ...... I think that could be fun!!

  8. oh I would like to go fishing.... and I will work with my mom... we can cook together lol
    easy rider

  9. I finks EVER day should be a doughnut day!!!!
    Mum will be all over number 13 as well…wiv my help 'cos she luffs it when I sneak in her sewing room!!!HEHE
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. Here's to National Doughnut Day!

    Abby Lab

  11. We will saunter a lot as it is our Lady's bday!

  12. Some of those sound fun... I don't like the sound of the groomer day though... Not at all...

  13. Looks like some fun days this month



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