Friday, August 8, 2014

Pawty in da Batcave - Part 2

We now have a bat-tastic band for your listenin pleasure.
Introducing our very own BDA (Bad Dawg Agency) Band!

Check out dar playlist and watch dem rock-out HERE and  HERE.
You might even be able to get a pawograph at the break.

Behr Girl loves to dance and was cuttin up da dance floor all night long.

She is da BDA's #1 fan and wiff all dat wavy red hair, her dance card was full.

Maybe we should enter her into da Dancing with da Paws contest.  You got my vote.

Sully couldn't wait to take a swing at the Bat pinata when he heard it was full of Chewy treats.
Sully:  Let me at it!   I love TREATS !!!!!

And… den we had a really special treat.

All of da Jokesters and Riddlers came out on da Bat-landing pad and treated everyone to a few laughs.

Q.  Where should you never take a dog?
A.  Da Flea Market.

Q. How can you tell the difference between dogs and trees?
A. By their bark

Q. What is a dogs favorite subject
A. peeonatree

Q. Why do you need a license for a dog and not for a cat?
A. Cats can't drive!

Q. Dar are Dogs and Cats falling every where. How do ya make them stop falling?
A.  Give them some food.

Q. What kind of dog likes to smell flowers?
A. A bud hound

Q. When is a yellow dog most likely to enter a house?
A. When the door is open.

Q. What do you call young dogs who play in the snow?
A. Slush puppies!

Q. What happened to the dog that swallowed a firefly?
A. Barked with de-light!

Q. What did one flea say to the other?
A. Should we walk or take a dog?

Sidebite and Susie laughed dar tails off!

Bites:  I laughed so hard da I nearly pee'd on da Batmobile.
Susie:  I almost fell off my chair and onto da Batcycle.
Meanwhile…. some of our other jokesters climbed aboard da Batmobile for a test drive.
Frankie:  Woohoo!!!!!!   I can't beleive dat we are actually in da Batmobile.
Ernie:   Dis car makes us look super cool!  Can I drive next?
Sammy:  WOW… dis is BATASTIC!
Wallace: Faster Sammy, faster… let's fly!

Shelby:  Ooooooh…. don't I look good in dis sidecar?
Sidney:  Dis cycle is Bad Ass!   Let's roll………...

I promised Miss Daisy dat I take her for a ride in da Batmobile.
Daisy:  Oh Ranger…. dis is soooooooooo much fun.  
I also promised Chef Sasha a ride in da Batmobile.  
Sasha:  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!
As da evening fell… Zaphod and Hailey went outside to take a look at the moon Bat signal rise over Gotham City.   It was batmazing.
Hailey:  What a wonderful day wiff friends.
Phod:  Let's head back in and have a batcap

Thanks for comin to my Batcave Pawty.    I hope you had fun.

                            Bat-Dog Ranger

Pees…. Special thanks to Chef Sasha, da Surf Jammers, and da BDA band.


  1. Oh we are having the time of our lives, have you seen the batmobile lately...../?????? Gussie!!!!!!!!
    stella rose

  2. Ranger we just came from Part 1 OMDs you through the best parties. I never knew how much all of us resembled
    bats until we got all gussied up. Too funny having the upside down Scotties from Down Under!!
    hugs madi your favorite Bat/Cat woman

    1. That Down Under crew is always crazy funny.

  3. Mom is laughing so hard. We don't know why
    Lily & Edward

    1. Just ignore her and have another bat-drink.

  4. She spat tea on the keyboard at some of those. Batastic. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Diva Shasta here - where iz that Easy - he pawmised me a dance when the BDA started playin!

    1. Last time I saw him, he was at da Bat-bar having a Bat-cocktail. Ya better find him before he has too many or he'll end up under da bar again.

  6. Oh the Sammy Joker looks great! do you have a peeonatree near the bat cave too?

    1. Yup. Right at da entrance to da cave (next to da NO SQUIRRELS ALLOWED sign).

  7. Hey there Easy - what'boutz that dance?
    Diva Shasta

  8. HOLY BATPAWTY Ranger..... this is the mostest FUN we have had in 87 years... WOW what a PAWTY it is... We are all loving the Foodables and the MUSIC and... omd OMD.... did you just see what GUSSIE did to the Batmobile??? He Peeled outta here like he was chasing a SQUIRREL... We think he double clutched the Batmobile...
    We are having a BLAST Ranger and we want to say THANK YOU fur doing this fur us.
    Pee S.... if you EVER get the Batmobile Back ... DO NOT let ERNIE drive it. He has a LEAD PAW. AND NO SENSE.

  9. Thanks for the invite Ranger, that was the best pawty ever! Appreciate all your hard work

  10. Shhhhhh, don't mind me....I'm just gonna sneak in to the front of the stage and swoon at the BDA's guitar player....
    (ya think Ranger will knows I crashed his pawty??? shhhhh, I thinks I'll just head on overs to the foodables....)
    HOLY BRAIN FREEZE!!! These Freeze shakes are DELISH!!! Thanks Chef Sasha!! (I don't know WHO spiked them...really...)
    Ruby ♥

    1. Ruby - You're always welcome at one of my pawties.

  11. Wow, you sure know how to put on a pawty Ranger! It was beyond our wildest expectations! We're so glad BDA could play! Especially when I noticed that hot Ruby dancing out front. Vavoom . . . kerplunk!

    Murphy & Stanley
    Mayorz For All Paws

  12. Oh this party is so rockin and rollin and boomin it out. Like this is the party of the century. Like every dog here is famous. Like WOOZA every dog should have his personal bat cave.! What happens at the bat cave stays at the bat cave RIGHT!
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  13. Ranger we figured we better leave some food for the others and get out on the dance floor while BDA is rockin the Cave!
    Holy Bat Pawty, what a blast!
    Bailey, Hazel & greta

    1. Look out for Ruby and Behr…. dos girls are really cutting it up on da dance floor.

  14. Bwahaahaa! We're going to be laughin' all day at those jokes!

    Fabulous pawty, Ranger. Wouldn't have missed it for quids.

    1. I think y'all and Ruby were da stars of da pawty!

  15. Omd! I totally think I had an accident on the carpet, I laughed so hard at those jokes, everyone looks pawsome! My favourite joke was the difference between a dog and a tree, it's BARK, oh that cracked me up!
    Really having a pawsome time at your bat cave pawty! Hailey as Ivy looks amazing! Ranger you are looking handsome in that bat mobile! Heard you were doing bat-shape donuts around the place! All those treats too, what a great time! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank aka da Penguin! XxxxxxxxX

    1. You should try one of Sasha's frozen drinks, Mr. Penguin. hehehe

  16. Ranger I had a totally FABULOUS time at your Bat-Pawty! It was grand and tons of're such a great host and I loved the jokes, the costumes and seeing lots of friends............THANKS BUDDY!!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  17. BatMan RANGER...... HELP !!! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP... you gotta GOTTA find a Bat Cape a BIG ONE fur RUBY.. that girrrrrrl is causing a real ruckus... She Nearly poked Mayoress Madi's Eyes out... and Murphy has FAINTED... and she keeps upsetting DRINKS... HELLLLLLP... RUBY needs to be covered up with a BAT CAPE... BIG time.

    1. Isn't she GRRRRRRRRRRREAT !!! Not help here boys. Just enjoy da view.

  18. Brilliant pawty Ranger - but gosh - that Ruby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah….. I know what you mean. Wozerrrrrrrrr.

  19. I'm so glad this pawty doesn't have a curfew! I loved taking a spin in the bat mobile with you, Ranger. This is a pawty I'll never forget!

  20. What a fantastic party Ranger. Thanks so much for organizing it.

  21. Crikey ..... this party sure rocks. Those jokes ...... what to say??????? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  22. WoooooHoooooo!!!!! OMD, the BDA is PAWSOME!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! Cape??? Why????? *shake, shake, shake* Huh?? Murphyyyyyyyyyyy Over here big fella!!!!!! WooooHooooo!!! Hey, can someone gets me another one of these Freeze Shakes!!! Sing it BOYS!!!!
    Oh Ranger, this pawty is DA BOMB!!!! SHAZAAAAAM!!!!!
    ♫♪ Shake your boooootie...shake, shake, shake...shake, shake, shake....shake your booooootie, shake your booootie♫♪

  23. Hey Ranger!
    Wow, everyone is having a blast! OMD the costumes are stellar and BDA is rocking the cave fur sure. They are pawesome. Thanks so much for hosting this and the posts are all wonderful.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  24. OMD this is a blast. I don't know if you noticed but I think Ernie had too much Joker juice and he looks kind of green. I was afraid The Joker might be up to something. I hope it wears off soon. The band and music are amazing. I don't want this to end!!

    Thanks for doing this

    Loveys Sasha

  25. You have Sid's voice down pat. Thank you for all that you do.

  26. Many thanks Ranger, we had such a blast, that we were so worn out, that we had to sleep it off until now, you through a mean PAWTY!

    Susie & Bites

  27. You really know how to throw a pawty pal!


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