Thursday, July 10, 2014

Peanut Butter filling

A   B-O-N-E  !?!?!
OMD….. Mom gave me a  B-O-N-E !!
I must have done somthin really good to get me a BONE.   I get loads of cookies, but hardly ever, ever get me a BONE.
Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw.   Yummmmmmmm.
I just can't get me enough of dis peanut butter filled Bone.
Are you jealous yet?  Is your mouth watering?
Dis is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!
 Ut Oh….. Mom looks like she is gonna snatch my new Bone away from me.   She is such an Indian giver.   She only lets me have it for a wee little bit.   I think dat she is afraid that I will eat off big chips and get sick.
Now dis is better.  
She can't reach me here under da table.
Now who's da smarty scottie?
My strategy worked for awhile, but den she bribed me wiff some cheese and den snatched my bone while I was gobblin up da cheese.

Oh well…. I guess dis is what dey call a win, win moment.
I got me some C-H-E-E-S-E !!!!   YUMMMMM.

Do you get to have bones?   What type of bones does your Mom let you have?



  1. That looks like a pawsome peanut butter bone. We never saw one of those before. We don't get bones often because Benji is a thief and tries to steal my bone after he finishes his.

  2. We love bones, but our time with them is limited, too.

  3. We get bones all the time - they are the best thing ever for keeping teeth strong and clean. We always get knuckle or marrow bones (like your peanut butter one) because they don't break,,,it would be very hard for you to get a chunk of it off and plus they are big enough we can't hurt out teeth on them.

  4. MMMM bones. We don't get a lot of bones cause we don't spend a lot of time eating them.We think this is because Lady doesn't get good bones. We have antlers around all the time. We are going to use sad eyes and see if we can land ourselves peanut butter bones.

  5. Wow! Who knew peanut butter wuz inside bones?! That looks super yummy!
    Mommmmy! I want a peanut butter bone like Ranger!

    We got sum deer antlers that we chew on whenefur we want. They last a long time and only disappear when they get too lil an become a chokin hazard.

  6. Great Dawg, Ranger! I have never had a peanut butter filled bone. But then again, I do not like peanut butter...unless it is in a cookie, then I will eat peanut butter. BOL I hope she gives you the bone again soon. It's such a tease when they take something delicious away from you.
    *high paws*

  7. I only get chewing bones, never real bones or rawhide bones (after a bad experience where she put her arm in my mouth till her hell-bow). We could share your bone, you get the peanut-butter and I will take the empty bone-thingy :o)

  8. I get bones sometimes, but mostly for long-term chewing I get antlers or hooves. Om nom nom!

  9. We never had a real bone. Well, a few weeks ago I found one and grabbed it but mom made me put it down. We get Busy Bones and we fight over rawhide. I think that peanut butter bone looks delish!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. OMD Peanut Butter Stuffed Marrow Bone... AND Cheese in the SAME DAY??? What grrrrreat thingy DID you do, Ranger? It MUST be REPEATED ... OFTEN. We get Long Marrow bones like that... and Round Steak Bones... from KROGER... we have like 87 of them... STASHED in lots of places.... They are GRRRREAT fur the Teefs... We also get our Fresh Deer Antlers... when dad is LUCKY in the woods... THOSE last FUREVER.... we have 87 of those too.
    GRRRREAT job of TRYING to hide from your mom... butt we all know those wimmen are SNEAKY and TRICKY.

  11. We get our peanut butter stuffed in Kongs. Our pawrents freeze it so it takes a long time to get it all out...oh yeah they also stuff some treats in there too.

  12. We get big beef knuckles....yum! And we leave them outside so they age and are good for days!!!!! But we haven't had one with pb in it...sounds great.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  13. Never had a bone with peanut butter in it. I chew on himalayan chews or rawhide bones. Not too impressed with antlers, I only chew on it sometimes.
    Bailey & Hazel too

  14. Sidney and Shelby love the sterilized bones. Theirs did not come with peanut butter. They are not fans of it. Some of the bones have been around for over 10 years. They are the longest lasting toys .

  15. Oh, how PAWSOME Ranger!!! I've never had a PB bone befores! BTW, my mouth IS waterin'...drool is a-flowin'!! BOL
    Don't cha hate it when the peeps gets that look in their eye....ya know the one ~ the one that says I'm gonna take away your treasure cause you are just enjoyin' it TOO much?! I run under the kitchen table! She can't see me under there!
    Ruby ♥

  16. We have bones just like that one - mom also takes ours away from us butt then usually after a day or two we get to gnaw on it again for an hour or so.
    Wally & Sammy

  17. You lucky dog!! Our bones are just plain!

  18. You get peanut butter, a bone, and cheese? You are one loved scottie dog! YUM!

  19. That bone sounds yum! Hope you get another one soon

  20. I try and take all my favourite treats to a safe place too!


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