Thursday, May 22, 2014


Do you like to fetch?

I like to run and chase after fribees, but I'm not so good at da return part.

I think it is funny when Mom calls out all deas return words and I just sit dar and act like I don't hear her.

"Ranger, come"
"Ranger - bring it here"
"Ranger - treat"
"Ranger - cookie"
"Ranger - apple"

Is she still talkin to me?

Now who's da Alpha dog?



  1. Totally my approach too Ranger. It's more fun to make them come to you, isn't it?
    Toodle pip!

  2. I always wait what she has to offer when she calls me. It's like an auction the highest reward wins :o)

  3. I usually hold out on coming to Mommy until she says the word "treat". It doesn't get much better than that!

  4. You are a Jedi master and have trained your Mom well :)

  5. THIS is a super ... HOW to TRAIN your PEEPS.... post. Very well done Ranger.

    WE pretty much have Our mom... under our PAWers. Her expectations are now in alignment with OUR plans.

  6. The art of selective hearing Ranger never underestimate it's power. Have a tremendous Thursday,
    Best wishes Molly.

  7. OUR mom is now well trained in how NOT to except the toy to be brought back to hers.
    WheW it was hard work.
    stella rose

  8. Wow, It must be the Scottie-tude because that is how me and my brother handle the bring it back. We do not come no matter what she says unless we hear the treat box make rattle. I keep telling mom that we are Scotties not Retrievers. We like to hunt and attack, leaves, frogs, squirrels, rabbits. IF it moves we are on it, but we do not return with it.

  9. Doesn't she know it's time to play and not time to listen
    Lily & Edward

  10. Oh, my Jacque does that too! But then he gets mad when I go to do something else and I tell him, well then you should have brought the toy back for me to throw!!

  11. Oh that's me exactly. Hold out for the super duper treat Ranger

  12. Yeah, I have NO IDEA what fetch means. I make Ma chase ME! That's just he way it should be. (she needs to work off a few pounds anyhu...I'm doin' her a favor!! hehehe)
    Ruby ♥

  13. I'm with you on this, Ranger. As a Siberian Husky, it is in our breed handbook to not play Fetch. I stick to the rules -- where that's concerned, anyway!

  14. I am the same , will run my hiney off to get it, but never return it. Now Bites, when he plays tennis ball with Dad, he always brings it back, but then they wrestle awy for a while till Dad can grab it.

    The Mad Scots

  15. Sid loves to play fetch at the dog park. Shelby loves to play in the house. She never lets him fetch in the house.

  16. We never did get the "fetch" thing either Ranger. We love to run and chase a ball butt don't ask us to bring it back...YOU bring it back, you silly hooman, you threw it away in the first place *PFFFT*
    Wally & Sammy

  17. Sometimes I'll bring it back and sometimes I won't - all depends on what I feel like!

  18. my thought is if you threw it away why should I bring it back?!


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