Saturday, January 19, 2013

I got me another Award!

And No…… it' not for "cutest blogger"  (but I'd be really good at that).   OK… I'll admit it, I blew my one of my New Years Resolutions:  #1 - Not to let my cuteness go to my head.  Sigh.

I won the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!  
Hummm…………. I wonder if it's okay for me to get this one cuz I am a boy.  
Oh well.  I think I'll accept it anyways.

Rules for the award:
1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
2. Answer 10 questions.
3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know that they have been nominated.
5. Include the award logo within your blog post
Here are the 10 questions I have to answer:
  • What is your favorite color? Blonde (cuz my Mollie is a blonde)
  • Your favorite animal? Pig (cuz Cocco gave me an award)
  • Your favorite non-alcoholic drinks? Wine (cuz that's what Cocco does)
  • Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.  (cuz Mom doesn't let me Tweet.  She says I'm not a bird.)
  • Your favorite pattern? Scottish Plaid (is there even a question about that?)
  • Do you prefer getting or giving presents? I love to get pressies!!!!!!   (Wanta give me a pressie?)
  • Your favorite number?  Pi  (Mud Pi is the bestest)
  • Your favorite day of the week?  Friday (TGIF - I love a pawty)
  • Your favorite flower?  Roses (for my sweetheart)
  • What is your passion?  Squirrel hunt'n.

Now…. who should I give it to?   I have soooooooo many new furfriends and I luz y'all, but I gotta do what I gotta do, cuz I really wanta keep this award.
New Awardees of the Sisterhood Award are…. (drumroll please):  
Kyla (cuz she will probably hate this.), Downunder Daisy, Roxy, and Bella (cuz they are HOT and could use a Cool award like this), Mayor Madi (cuz it's the politically correct thing to do), Reilly and the Dweeds Denny and Jackie (cuz I like Cows with spots), Garth Riley (cuz he can play the piano - super cool), and lastly to Bert (for helping Allred find Nellie so he could take her to the V-Day Ball)
If youz hasn’t received it and I didn't name ya…. go ahead and snatch it from me (I won't tell or arrest ya).
Thank you sooooooo much Cocco, for this BIG Honor (I think).

Oh, oh, oh… I almost forgot.   Take a hop on over to see Stuart's Fun Foto of ME.   Thanks Stuart!   I luvs the hat.   Aunty D says I have a good "Hat Face".

Peeeeeees.   Can someone tell me when the next Sisterhood meeting is?


  1. Congratulations on your award Ranger. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Well done on the award - no doubt you will get get masses of them over time and thankyou for thinking of us too :)

  3. Pretty soon the awards will take over your house and you'll have to sleep outside.

    1. That's why I am sharing it with you!

  4. Congratulations and thank you so much Ranger! I'm flattered and honored to be a member of the sisterhood. (I'm not hung up on the gender thing.) My staff is very behind so it may be a while before we repost, but we really appreciate it!

    your pal,

  5. Congratulations....honorary sister...BOL! You're right it should be 'cutest'. Thanks for thinking of us.

    We loved your photo at Stuart's.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Ranger thank you very much for the Sisterhood award...I can be your sister. MOL
    We will post it sometimes next week.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF and FYI you are cute!!

  7. Hi Ranger
    Mom and I just prepared a post for Saturday 1/26. The Sisterhood Award fits in purrfectly with Saturday Photo Hunt word this week.
    Thank you you again.
    Hugs madi

    1. A Photo Hunt? That sounds like fun.

  8. Congrats on your award! I always love them because we get to know you and love you just a little bit better! :-)

  9. Congratulations to my new sister!

    Loveys Sasha

  10. CONGRATS on the award Ranger!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  11. Oh Ranger, Congrats dude on your awardie!! Very cool indeed!!
    I love that you gave Kyla the awardie BOL!!! Oh, she will be so 'happy' BOL!!
    I went over to say hello to Stuart ~ he is one cool dude!

  12. AH Gee Ranger, Thanks so much, me being a boy and all, I figure this is a real special honor. I am heading over to say hello to STuart, cause he does sound cool. Love the ones where you answer questions so we can get to know you better.

    Thanks again

  13. Heartfelt congratulations on your award!! We are your newest followers!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  14. Big congratulations my Darlin :) You deserve all the awards. I love'z prezziez too :) Keep ya eye on that mail box :) xxx00xx your Mollie.

    Mollie and Alfie

  15. Congrats Ranger! We loved your photo on Stuarts blog on Friday ;-)
    Wally & Sammy

  16. Well done on your award!


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