Monday, September 24, 2012

Wruff Cuts

Mom thinks I need a bath and a hair cut.   What do you think?

Ok… maybe I do have crazy unmanageable hair.
So what is wrong with crazy hair?   Mom has crazy hair too.   She says she likes what she calls "the sassy messy" look.  I don't complain about her wild hair so why does she think I should get hair cut?   I kinda like looking more like Mom. 

Well… Mom got her way and off we went to get all my hair cut.   Next time I'll have to hide under the bed when I hear her talking about snip-snip.
My groomer says I have thin hair on one side.
The next time she gives me a hair cut, she will not
trim me so close.

This is my best side.  Maybe I should
pose for all my photos with my good

Well… what do you think?

Do I look cool with my new haircut?

This is my sad look.    

Aunty D keeps picking me up to cuddle.  She likes my soft furry coat.   She says I also smell good.   Maybe I should go outside and roll in the dirt for awhile.  I am a boy puppy and we are supposed to smell like dirt.  Right?

Mom assures me that my hair will all grow back.  Maybe I'll just pretend that I'm sad about losing my hair.  Then I can get more cookies, hugs, and kisses.  I know how to Work It!   They don't know it yet, but I may have learned a few new tricks this past weekend from my new buddies at the doggie hotel.

Chow for now.
Ranger (miss'n my wroof cut)


  1. Ohhhhhhh, Range, my cute little puppy boy, LOVE the hair cut, them Scottie ears and your beard is growing good, never lose that look!!!

    Your Furends
    Susie & Jealous Bites

  2. We love that scruffy bear look.....but, we're never allowed to stay that way for long either.

    Either way, you're a handsome fellow.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  3. Ranger, you look very handsome with your new haircut - the ladies will love you!!!

  4. Oh I think you look very handsome Ranger!! My human keeps calling me scraffy... Hmmm... I hope I'm not due for a clip...

  5. Hi Ranger! I think I ought to tell you that I had a Scottie boy many years ago and he was the dog of my heart. Whatta guy! And it seems like you are a lot like him, so I will follow you and enjoy your antics. Haircut or no haircut, its whats inside for you guys . . .although you do look pretty with a trim.

    Jo, Stella (my dog) and Zkhat (my little kittygirl)

  6. Oh My! What a handsome dude you are! That haircut really suits you. And your "sad look" - that's brilliant. We can do that look to perfection - so keep it up Ranger, 'cos it'll get you anything you want - but don't let on to the Peeps!

    RoooOOooodles, Bobby & Finlay

  7. Lookin' sharp Ranger!!
    Wally & Sammy

  8. We think that you look very handsome Ranger - Simon Henry & Gordon. CT Scotties


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