Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last Day of School - for awhile

Last night was the last of my 4 week Trilogy K9 class.   We did some more obedience training, learned some tricks, and did a little pre-Agility training.  I had a really good time in class and was the youngest pup in the class (again).
Here I am practicing jumping thru a hoop.
Next step… the Agility tunnel.  
Arooooooooo!   Last night was exciting!
First we  practiced walking on a loose leash around the indoor ring.  Unfortunately while I was trotting around with Mom (on her left side), I had this sudden urge to Poop!  Not only did I Poop, but it was kinda messy and very smelly.   Mom had to clean it up and another human held my leash while she made the spot all clean again.
What can I say… when the urge strikes… ya just have to go with it!

After the poop incident, I had lots of energy.   I am always on a high after I poop.
We then practiced some of our tricks and "SIT UP".   I am still having trouble with "SIT UP".   It's a balance thing and my butt is too round.

Finally we worked on some pre-agility stuff.  We got to run up a ramp, stop on the platform at the top, and then run down the long blue & yellow board on the other side.   I was a super-star at this.  The other puppies were afraid, but not me.  

Lastly we got to run through the tunnel and every time we came around for another go at it, the teacher made it a little longer.   I was PAWSOME at it.   The best in my class.  My teacher called me her little Black Ninja.    No Fear Ranger!  

After we were all done, the teacher's dog, Gus, brought us each a cookie that said "Job Well Done".
   Yippy!  I love cookies.   

Mom says we are all done with school for awhile.  We will continue to practice what I have learned so far and when I'm older, we will take Beginning Agility.  I have to know my commands really good before I start Agility.  My teacher says I need to be about 18 months old before I take this class.   I should be full grown by then and that is apparently important for Agility training.

When we got home, I was exhausted and slept for a couple of hours.   
Ranger (the little Black Ninja pup)


  1. What an awesome job Ranger

    Your Furends
    Susie & Bites

  2. Wow, your class sounds great, I wish I could have come with you.

    So glad you enjoyed it!

    Waggles, Dougall.

  3. You had me at "Poop", lol.

  4. Well done Ranger!
    Wally & Sammy


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