Friday, June 29, 2012

"I Got Mail"

Today when I looked in the mailbox, I saw an envelop with my name on it.
Yippy !!!!    I Got Mail !!!!
Mom gets mail all the time but this is my 1st letter.    So, when Mom handed me my letter, I grabbed it and ran into the living-room with it.
I'm gonna rip it open.

I had lots of fun ripping my letter open.  

Mom… can you tell me what it says?

Yippy!!!   It is from Barb.   She read my blog and saw that I was under the weather last week.  She sent  me a Get Well note.   Sweeeeeeeeeet.    Barb is a real tail-waggler.   I can't wait to meet her.
Paper.. yum.  I love anything I can tear up.
I heard on the talk box, that a very tallented lady named Nora also liked getting mail. 
I guess I'll have to learn how to read now.   So much to learn.  

                                        Chow for now.   
Your best behaved puppy

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